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Pyramid Arcade

Greetings Starship Captains! Did y'all see the thing I posted last month about the boxed set we're working on?

Started by Andrew Looney

40 10 hours ago
Reply by P.D. Magnus

Peiceniking in Pastillage.

Hi guys, thought I'd tell you about my current project at catering college. I'm doing Patisserie (pastry chef) at college and our first pro…

Started by Lucy A Bracegirdle

8 Nov 17
Reply by Scott Myers

Homeworlds question about yellow/move

At a G3 planet I have 2 ships, a y2 and y1. May I sacrifice the y1 for a move action and move the y2 to the now-banked y1?

Started by Austin Muhlestein

2 Nov 16
Reply by Austin Muhlestein

Regaining access to

I was wondering what it took to get "regular" access. 

Started by Shane Tilton

9 Oct 20
Reply by Lucy A Bracegirdle

What kind of dye works on pyramids?

Hello :) I wanna get some extra White pieces and try my hand at dyeing them to make new opaque colors and perhaps some tie-dye bits. Will d…

Started by Tom Steele

5 Sep 2
Reply by Tom Steele

Buying stashes in bulk?

Hello, I would like to purchase 4 stashes to play icehouse with my friends. I'm currently planning on buying 1 ice-dice set and 3 rainbow s…

Started by Alfred Gosling

2 Aug 8
Reply by Ryan McGuire

Icehouse International Tournament Status

Is this tournament still happening yearly? The latest entry in this wiki page is for 2011, but I don't know if that is because no one has u…

Started by Alfred Gosling

2 Jul 29
Reply by Scott Myers

The Ice Etin's Cave (new game!)

You are one of four powerful Flamemights captured by the evil Ice Etin. Breaking out of the cave where you were held triggers an alarm with…

Started by Thalla Thall Rothach

5 Jul 11
Reply by Dave Autzen

A cheap and compact way to store your Rainbow Stashes

Hi! I got tired of having my five Rainbow Stashes always falling apart into an untidy mess, so I decided to see what I could do to keep all…

Started by Gregg Williams

11 Jul 3
Reply by Gregg Williams

Looney Pyramids design principles (?)

I recall reading an article by Andy about his thoughts about important design principles to consider when designing pyramid games.  I don't…

Started by Fogus

2 Jun 2
Reply by Fogus



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