Ok, I know y’all are dying to know exactly which 22 games we’ve chosen to include in Pyramid Arcade. So, here’s the list:

Twin Win
Pyramid Shambo
Looney Ludo (aka Martian Coasters)
Launchpad 23
Lunar Invaders
Volcano (aka Fiesta Caldera)
World War 5
Martian Chess
Zark City
Black Ice
Give or Take
Petal Battle
Color Wheel
Petri Dish

This is not up for debate, I’m just sharing the list as background for my question…

My plan is to make the final section of the book a teaser for yet other games. Here’s what I have so far:


We asked the community of Starship Captains for recommendations about other games to try, and this is the list they came up with. Most of these games can be played with this set, possibly including a few extra items of easily-gathered equipment, such as a chessboard, poker chips, gaming tokens, etc. Games that require additional pyramids are marked with a small pyramid. ( /\ ) Rules for all of these games can be found online.

<Full list of 22 other games + short descriptions for each goes here>


So, the floor is now open for other nominations. Here are a few obvious choices to start with:

* Icehouse /\
* Zendo /\
* RAMbots /\
* Pikemen /\

What else?

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Thanks for clarifying! Admittedly, I haven't played Ricochet Pyramids myself, so forgive me for providing an invalid reason. Just from my perusal of the rules it felt similar to me, so I was trying to help cull the list. I'm all for it being included though, if it's as unique as you say!

I don't quite have time for a full evaluation now, but here are a few comments:

I agree that the list should have as big a variety as possible of different game types. That shouldn't be an excuse to keep a weak game on the list, but it argues for reducing the number of similar games and keeping games that are good but not my particular preference.

CrackeD Ice - Keep. I'm not usually a dexterity/stacking kind of guy, but this is a worthy entry in that genre.

Zendo v. Ikkozendo - Drop Ikkozendo. It's too similar to Zendo, and you must have Zendo.

Freeze Tag v. Crosswalk - I agree they're similar, and I like Freeze Tag better. Drop Crosswalk.

RAMbots v. Ricochet Pyramids - My concern here is not that they're similar to each other play-wise. But it would be good to keep the "just like this published game" to a minimum. It might be fine to have a couple if they're good. but if it gets down to 23 and a cut it needed, maybe consider one of these.

Edit: I didn't see Andy's comment reducing it to Yes/No/Maybe. But I'm going to leave my comments alone. I've only played a couple on the Maybe list. Hmm.

Great feedback, thanks!! I’ve sorted this into 3 lists now: Yes, No, and Maybe. The Yes + Maybe list totals 22, so nothing new can be added unless something else comes off the Maybe list. Further thoughts?

Yes (17)

* Icehouse /\ 
* Zendo /\
 * RAMbots /\
 * Pikemen /\
 * Gnostica /\
* Branches, Twigs, & Thorns 
* TimeLock
* Logger 
* Alien City 
* Extinction
* Pylon
 * Blam! 
* Freeze Tag 
* Tic Tac Doh! 
* Stack Control 
* Amoeba 
* Undercut


* Nile * Pyrinoes
 * Gleebs and Grues
 * Stawvs
 * Armada

NO (7)

* Crosswalk 
* Ikkozendo
 * CrackeD Ice 
* Dog Eat Dog 
* Virus Fight
 * Ricochet Pyramids
 * Quintazone

I agree with this list.  Looks like a really good "Best Of" selection.  I'm sure there is something that no-one has suggested at all and in some months we will realize we missed something great.  But this list seems to really be solid.

I'm thinking of what games would require more the "More Pyramids Required" symbol.  Alien City, Extinction, and Nile would need some modification to the rules to play with 3 stashes, so they should just get the /\.  Pylon and Amoeba can play with 3 stashes, and should work just dandy as a shorter, smaller game.  I'm not sure about others, but I can research it if you like.

On a related note, Pikemen only requires more pyramids if you are playing a 2 or 3 player game on an 8x8 board.  I have been playing a smaller version of Pikemen I'm calling "Skirmish" which uses a smaller board and fFewer pieces.  Skirmish would not need the /\ symbol, but it's a basically a variant at this point.

Re: CrackeD Ice: I agree that this game is interesting and possibly worthy of being listed because it's a dexterity game and there aren't many of those in the library. However, one of the unpublished six will be Verticality, which IMO fills that niche better than CrackeD Ice. That's my main reason for moving this to the No list.

Re: Ricochet Pyramids: How close is this to Ricochet Robot? I've never played it. Does it replicate the original or is it new and different in some way and only inspired by Ricochet Robot? I strongly agree with Jeff that I'd like to minimize inclusion of games that are basically straight-up adaptations of published works.

OK, I'm really looking forward to Verticality. As I said, CrackeD Ice is probably my second most-played pyramid game (behind Zendo).

RP is unabashedly inspired by RR, but does not work the same.

In RR, robot movement is blocked by robots and walls. In RP there are no walls (other than the outside of the board), and robot movement is blocked by robots and non-current-goal towers. The current goal tower does not block, so to move onto the current goal, you often have to arrange that there is some other robot immediately behind it, otherwise the goal robot will move through the goal and onward without stopping.

The method of determining current robot & goal is different too, allowing repeats of previous pairs instead of going through a deck of robot/goal tokens.

You also have more flexible control over the setup arrangement to make it easier or harder to find paths, since you can put the 9 goal towers wherever you like on the board during setup, instead of the goals (and walls) being preprinted on the 4 board quadrants of RR.

Oh right. I forgot about Verticality.

I'm late to the game, but here are some additions that I think should be included.


Autumn Ash: My game that has only been out for a few years (a 2Xeno 2Rainbow stash game, so works with PA), so it probably hasn’t circulated much. It has been playtested like crazy with lots of players, and I still look forward to dragging it out whenever I can. I’m always thinking up new strategies for this.

Invaders of Mars: Wow, a fun game, with a good theme, that I haven’t played for a while.

Gleebs and Grues

Nile: Though it's been some time since Scott and I played this, so I could be foggy as to how much fun it was.

Skurðir: A good multiplayergame.

Apophis : I played Spaceteam the other day, so this is on my mind. It might not be to everyone’s liking.

Quicksand : One of my favorite head-to-head strategies. This would be up at the top of my list.

.... "Late for the game," meaning that read more of the above posts and see that things have been kind of selected through at this juncture.

I'd still recommend any of the games from my short list that didn't make it into the "Yes" column, though there are plenty of good ones in there. Perhaps if there's room in the "Maybe" column. ;)

If I was going to trade out any in the "Yes" column for any other game, it would be Stack Control. I like the game, and do play it often enough. However, it's basically derivative of other games, a multiplayer Pylon. This is the reason that I'd never recommend Hexano-Duel, even though it hovers at the top of my SC list. Hexano-Duel just happens to be my favorite version of Volcano; it's significantly different from others, but it's still derivative.

Amoeba never felt like a solid game to me either, but perhaps there are enough others who do enjoy it.

The rest of the games in the "Yes" column look like good games to me.



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