Ok, I know y’all are dying to know exactly which 22 games we’ve chosen to include in Pyramid Arcade. So, here’s the list:

Twin Win
Pyramid Shambo
Looney Ludo (aka Martian Coasters)
Launchpad 23
Lunar Invaders
Volcano (aka Fiesta Caldera)
World War 5
Martian Chess
Zark City
Black Ice
Give or Take
Petal Battle
Color Wheel
Petri Dish

This is not up for debate, I’m just sharing the list as background for my question…

My plan is to make the final section of the book a teaser for yet other games. Here’s what I have so far:


We asked the community of Starship Captains for recommendations about other games to try, and this is the list they came up with. Most of these games can be played with this set, possibly including a few extra items of easily-gathered equipment, such as a chessboard, poker chips, gaming tokens, etc. Games that require additional pyramids are marked with a small pyramid. ( /\ ) Rules for all of these games can be found online.

<Full list of 22 other games + short descriptions for each goes here>


So, the floor is now open for other nominations. Here are a few obvious choices to start with:

* Icehouse /\
* Zendo /\
* RAMbots /\
* Pikemen /\

What else?

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One of my personal favorites is TimeLock. And it can be played with the pyramids and items in the set.

My two cents -- the more multi-level strategy games the better. Maybe it's time to mine the Wiki for accessible items? 

Awesome!  You've hit on my fFavs!

"Hijinks" was otherwise known as "Pink Hijinks" yeah?  I can understand the name change there, just wondering.

Perhaps, if you're taking suggestions fFor more on the 'more' list, you could add Logger.  It doesn't require any other pyramids, since the pyramids used are not dependent on color.  Also, Alien City is a great game, but it may require too much extra stuff to be a good entry on the list (specifically a Piecepack).  And, the last one I shall nominate is Extinction, which is similar to Pikemen, but with different kinds of rules regarding movement and winning.

Yes, since there aren't any pink pieces in the Arcade, and color doesn't matter anyway, we're just calling it Hijinks. This makes Pink Hijinks a pink edition of the game Hijinks.

Definitely Gnostica, unless you'll already be mentioning it under Zark City.

I like Virus Fight, and Branches, Twigs, & Thorns. And I'll second Alien City; even though piecepack isn't easily-gathered, it's not TOO hard to make your own set.

I'll also humbly nominate my games Pylon and Quintazone... The latter could cross-promote Aquarius.

And there's always Spicklehead!!

I'm surprised by the selection of Pyramid Shambo over Nothing Beats a Large, so I nominate Nothing. (At the very least, it has a great title.)

One of our favorite pyramid games is CrackeD Ice, so I nominate it also. It just requires one extra component, although spare CDs aren't as ubiquitous as they were thirteen years ago. (We play a variant that allows placing pyramids on their side.)

I don't feel like I've played Crosswalk enough to nominate it, so I'll just mention it for purposes of discussion. In the same vein: Blam!

I think Pyramid Shambo is a better game that Nothing Beats a Large and clever though the latter may be, the two games are too similar for both to be included. So Pyramid Shambo wins out.

I'm tossing in Freeze Tag, by my friend Rink, which brings us up to 18 nominations:

* Icehouse /\

* Zendo /\

* RAMbots /\

* Pikemen /\

* TimeLock

* Logger

* Alien City

* Extinction

* Gnostica /\

* Virus Fight

* Branches, Twigs, & Thorns

* Pylon

* Quintazone

* Nothing Beats a Large

* CrackeD Ice

* Crosswalk

* Blam!

* Freeze Tag

Keep 'em coming! We need to get beyond 22 so that we can start voting and choosing!

Please, check the discussion on the fairness of Branches and Twigs and Thorns. Thanks.

I'll suggest Martian Backgammon, Tic Tac Doh!, Pyrinoes (which requires dominoes), and Nile.

The mention of Nile makes me happy.  It seemed, when it came out, that it was largely panned, and even the designer seemed pressed to take note of it's existence.  Despite this, I find it to be an interesting Euro-style game.

It should probably receive a /\ symbol, since it does require 5 nests of red, yellow, blue, and green.  Although one could combine colors, such as 3 red and 2 orange.  With some care, one could make any colored piece represent money and workers, so long as you don't mix them.  But it's probably better to stick with single colors, so the /\ is appropriate.

Certainly I will second your mentioned candidates:






Branches and Twigs and Thorns

Alien City (even though it needs Piecepack tiles)

I'd add:

Gleebs and Grues

Stack Control

Tic Tac Doh

and I'll immodestly plug my own Stawvs and Ricochet Pyramids which I've had people request to play sometimes. :)



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