I'm new to Looney Pyramids and just started playing Martian Coasters.  I'm looking to get a hold of the 5th Black Martian coaster but was told they were no longer for sale.  Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell me?

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First thing you should try is finding a Starship Captain who happens to also be on the demo team that is in your area. They have demo kits that include copies of the 5th coaster, and might be able to help there.

I'm having difficulty navigating the Looney Labs website.  Where on the website do I look to find a Starship Captain on the demo team in the Boston area?

I ended up making my own. To start can do a google image search on “5th Martian coaster.” You can also find images for the white pieces (and probably other Xeno colors).

I found some thin cardboard which I glued the images to, and it looks and feels very much like the real thing.



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