Hey everybody!

My name is Casey Hartman and I'm a new to both Looney Labs as well as Fluxx.

Being a huge zombie fan, I had to pick up Zombie Fluxx as soon as I saw it at the local bookstore. I've been having a blast with all my gaming buddies ever since.

If anyone reads this post and gets a moment, can they clarify a few rules for me? I've been checking online but haven't found a satisfactory answer.

The zombie Creeper "Larry" is in play under my control with no current goal. When I play a New Goal, I pass him, correct? The card itself states that whenever the Goal changes, Larry shifts, so does a shift from no goal to New Goal constitute a change? I'm pretty sure it works like this but certain players are disagreeing with me. I found a precedent with the way Radioactive Potato works but this hasn't been enough to convince them. Help!

The second question(s) I have relates how Sonic Tranquilizer functions. The confusing parts for me are "can ignore any Zombies". Does this mean I can pick and choose which zombies I ignore? What's really confusing me is that on the RabbitWiki it states that if there is a working Sonic Tranquilizer, then the Zombie Victory Ungoal is prevented but then a few questions down it states that you can win with "I'll Hold 'em Off", "Larry", any Keeper with POW on it, and the Sonic Tranquilizer. If someone can clarify how the Sonic Tranquilizer functions precisely? Does it put zombies in a state where they become something useful for you only for winning and don't count for losing?

Thanks in advance, loving Fluxx. Who else is psyched for Cthulhu Fluxx? Have to order that one as soon as it's available!

From the newest member of the fan club,

Casey Hartman

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I don't have answers to your questions, because I haven't played Zombie Fluxx. I'm really a Cthulhu Fluxx guy.

But you might also consider Martian Fluxx!

Martians : Humans :: Humans : Zombies

Thanks Matthew, I'm definitely going to check out Martian Fluxx.

That fFirst issue is a yes.  When the goal changes fFrom (No Goal) to (Any Goal), Larry moves.

Your second question is a bit more complex, and I'm not sure.  I would play it where I get to choose which Zombies are tranquilized.  My initial thought is, you either have the thing and zombies are alright, or you don't and they're not.  But I see what you mean: if they are tranquilized, that seems to suggest they might not be able to work towards your goal, either.

I'm going to go with, I get to pick and choose which zombies are affected, as appropriate to meet the goal.

Right, it is a change from nothing to something, so Larry moves. That was my initial thought.

I'll echo Scott by saying an absolute Yes to your first question. Changing from No Goal to a Goal is a change in goal.

Regarding the Sonic Tranquilizer, since it says "CAN ignore" it means you don't HAVE to ignore the zombies. Consider it as if you the player are choosing to activate the Sonic Tranquilizer or to not activate it, depending on the results you want.

I don't have the card in front of me, so I'll double check it later just to be sure.

And like Matthew said - try the Martian Fluxx, and Cthulu when it comes out. Or just try a new one each month, there's not a one that isn't worth it.

Yeah, Larry is definitely moving on a change from No Goal to a New Goal. Makes the most sense to me.

As far as the Sonic Tranquilizer, it's making more sense in my head. I see it as a device that helps you win with zombies but prevents you from losing with zombies. So anything zombies would do to help you win, ST helps, and anything zombies would do to prevent you from winning/make you lose, ST stops. Makes a lot more sense.

Thanks for the comments Matthew, Scott, and Wes. Looking forward to being a part of this looney community!




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