Sly I research games made for traditional gaming systems and came upon Gateway, a golden oldie from the '70's. It's part of a set of games called Sly-the rules are available at Board Game Geek, but you'll need to register to download them.

Anyway, it's not that complicated of a game, the adaption of which I call "Iceway:" it requires a 12x12 board seen as being composed of 3x3 squares, with the center of each of these squares being a gateway that can only be used to enter new pieces. Two to four players can play, each gets an Icehouse stash of a different color with 4 queens removed so that each player only has one queen.

Pieces move any number of spaces horizontally or vertically, passing over any gateways and other pieces in the way to an available empty space. Pieces cannot land on another piece or a gateway. The goal of the game is to get all of one's pieces on the board (one begins with three, one of each size) by lining up one of your pieces, at right angles, to 2 pieces of another player of two different sizes, but of the same color, such as: Green queen and Cyan drone and pawn. These alignments can be made regardless of what's in the way.

When an alignment is made another of your pieces can be entered on the board by placing it on a gateway; if another player has a piece in the 3x3 square containing the gateway you have chosen, your piece must be moved off it that turn. The initial set up of the 3 pieces one starts with is the most complicated part of the game, so arranged to prevent any line ups on your first turn. Mr. Sackson used cylinders, squares and triangles-queen is cylinder, square drone, triangle pawn.

Set up for 4 players:

Player 1: Q at 10C; D12I; P6B

Player 2: Q10J; D4L; P11F

Player 3: Q3J; D1D; P7K

Player 4: Q3C; D9A; P2G

Hope ya don't mind my way of sayin' "hello," this bein' my first post.

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With 6 rainbow stashes, you can duplicate the 1/4/6 distribution of pieces in the original exactly.  With 4 sets of Martian Coasters, you can duplicate the board.  Bonus: the center of each coaster is distinctive so it's easy to find the gateways.  I can't think of an easy way to build a 12x12 board otherwise.

I was amused that Sly uses the same "just like a deck of cards" analogy that Looney Labs now uses for Looney Pyramids.

Fun fact: I once adapted Can't Stop (another Sackson game) for play with pyramids.  I made a board, which fit on a standard sheet of paper.  It uses four rainbow stashes.

I totally forgot about the coasters. That's a good idea; it would make the adaptation pure Pyramid.



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