I'm just wondering if there's plans to eventually offer all of the new dice and boards in the online store (or retail)? While I'd love to just back Arcade, I've already spent >$130 on stashes over the years and I have every color in 5 trios (except the uber-rare electric yellow, root beer/trans brown, etc). [I backed for 2 trios of the Kickstarter green, of course!]

But I'd sure like to stuff all the new dice and the Petri Dish board into my kit (somehow! It's about stuffed full, with 13 tubes and stuff for scores of games!).

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This kind of reaction really bums me out. I'm sorry the no-pyramids version is still so expensive, but I'd really like for fans like you to buy it. The reason it's so pricey is there's SO MUCH great stuff even without the pyramids! THIS BOX is the kit for you to "stuff all the parts" into. Yes, I know yoiu alreay have a WW5 board, but this one is so much bigger and nicer! Yes, I know you already have most of these rules, but these rule book I'm creating is so much better and more complete than any other book before it! And the Arcade cards! OMG they are useful! Even if we let you get the dice and Petri Dish board a la carte, you will be missing out on so much great stuff we are putting so much effort into making great! Dude, you were the one insisting we make Martain Coasters in all the colors -- the six new boards give you that option! The tray is SO much nicer to use that reloading those pesky tubes! (Of course, keep one for your game Moon Shot, but it's time to move into the future! Anyway, I hope you'll reconsider backing at the no pyramids level. We made it just for you!

Ah, man... I don't want to bum you out! :(  I only asked because I see Ice Dice (v1) in the Online Store as I type.

But in my defense, here's what I've done to "build my own arcade" since, like, the mid-oughties:

  • 12 stashes (base 10 + gray + pink) [ + 2 trios of KS green = 13 stashes and change ]
  • 2 Treehouse sets (for ease of setup of single-trio or color-agnostic, multiplayer games: no need to open tons of tubes!)
  • 1 Volcano Caps set
  • 2 Martian Coasters sets (for ten-player games)
  • 1 Cosmic Coasters set
  • 1 Volcano Board
  • 1 WW5 (paper) board, heavy-duty lamination
  • 1 custom Tarot deck (never actually used! Zarcana/Gnostica, I *will* play you someday!!!)
  • 6 Eeyore Martian Chess (paper) wedges, heavily laminated
  • 2 Chessboard Bandannas
  • 1 or 2(?) loose Treehouse Dice
  • various stones, ceramic poker chips, (normal) dice, etc.

So, literally, this is what the arcade adds for me:

  • 1 Petri Dish board
  • 1 Twin Win board
  • 1 Launchpad board
  • 1 square deck of color-coded (but otherwise standard) playing cards
  • 2 Ice Dice (new color die with card suits is clever dual purposing, BTW!)
  • 1 deck of Twin Win cards
  • 1 deck of Arcade cards

And of those, only these are what I'd consider irreplaceable (or too fiddly to play with a substitute):

  • Petri Dish board
  • Ice Dice
  • [those other dice...?]
  • 1 deck of Twin Win cards
  • [edit to add:] 1 deck of cards, as I forgot they provide the rules on them, saving a LOT of lookup/memorization)

Again, totally sorry to be a bummer... but as someone who's pretty much bought anything with "Pyramids" on it... twice... the stuff in the Arcade that doubles-down (triples-down, even!) on what I already have is a sharp pill to swallow at $62.

I'll accept that you will only have this new stuff in the Arcane, though. And I won't even say it bums me out to hear it, if you do! ;)

Much love and respect for your goals;


[ Also, as another factor, I'm hoping to build and move into a tiny home very soon. One of many changes that will bring is that my rather-large board game collection will have to be broken down and compressed: All the beautiful boxes and plastic trays recycled; pieces parsed into logical or per-player sets in baggies; games stored in some kind of trays or flat-pack boxes (e.g., like the clipboard storage box holding everything that I listed above for pyramids... and then some). So a big part of getting the mid-less box set will be lost to me very soon: the box and storage tray. I know this is a rather-unique circumstance, but it's something I must keep in mind... while I plan to write a $50K+ check within a year! :) ]

Well, you can rationalize your decision however you wish. It's just disappointing to be working so hard to create a beautiful, cohesive package only to hear that long-time fans like you just want to cherry pick out the things you thing you need. 

Thank you for your support.

The square Zark City deck is not a standard deck. It has 5 suits and 65 cards.

I feel your pain. I already have over 300 pyramids and boards and stuff, and I can play all the games with what I have cobbled together. But I think it's going to be worth it to get the new stuff and it can't hurt to have more of the old stuff.

I'm also hoping fFor some sort of a la carte option, but fFor slightly different reasons.  The Arcade is spectacular, but I'm not entirely sure what the fFuture of The Arcade will be.  Will it be in available in stores fFor a long time?  Or will it be a bit more limited?  I would like to be able to introduce new players to some of the games which require a petri dish, fFor example.  We have been awaiting the petri dish fFor a long time, so I hope it will be available into the fFuture.



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