Not sure if anyone else has thought to play Aquarius this way but it's become such a staple that we usually never play aquarius properly anymore.

Everybody is dealt three cards and a goal, just as usually. But instead of trying to get seven cards to win, what ever goal has seven cards is "out" and that player loses. , forfeiting their hand into the discard pile and revealing their now dead goal. The game not only becomes strategic to try and stop people from assuming what goal you have (as is with normal Aquarius) but it's oh-so-fun to connect all the rainbows in a long chain, create a big starry night sky, etc etc that if your goal is targeted at first you have to do some serious work to keep yourself alive.

Try it out, it's tons of fun~

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This sounds truly fascinating - I look forward to giving it a try!
It is, hope it turns out being fun for you guys :)
This is a TON of fun!
On occasion, my friends and I will play "Blind Aquarius", where no one checks their goal, and we play until a connection of 7 is created. Seeing as you don't know your goal, we play in such a way that it becomes very hard to make anything connect, and it's really funny when you find out that you worked against yourself.
We play something similar called Aquachicken that Cooperjohn came up with - it's a sub game some players choose to play, where they try to be the last to look at their goal.  Here are the rules.
Hey awesome!  With Aquarius, you get 3 games: Aquarius, The Hair Down, and Aquachicken!



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