Any possibility to buy a Chrononauts 1.3 to 1.4 "Upgrade" pack

I bought Chrononauts a couple years back at a game shop.  I got back into playing it recently and saw that there is now a "Gore Years" expansion pack available.  I also noticed that the current version is 1.4, which had a couple changes from the pervious (1.3) version.


So, I checked my edition and it is the 1.3 edition.  From what I understand, the 1.4 edition is "forward compatible" with the Gore Years expansion pack...  Unfortunately, since I have the 1.3 edition, it looks like I'd have to buy a complete 1.4 edition in order to get the full use out of the Gore Years Expansion.


I was wondering if there was any way to purchase what would basically be a "1.3 to 1.4 Upgrade" set.  From what I understand, the card differences between the two editions would mean that a player having the 1.3 edition would only need 8 cards (4 new and 4 updated) in order to "upgrade" their 1.3 set to a 1.4 set.  The cards are:

(1)  Restore History

(1)  Beatles Reunion CD

(1)  Sarah the Triceratops

(1)  1945-D Patch, "Tokyo Nuked"

(1)  "Articles Of Faith" Mission v. 1.4

(1)  "Halt Attack" v. 1.4

(2)  "Avert Disaster" v. 1.4

So, I guess the question is, is there any way to get these cards separately, so that a person with the 1.3 edition doesn't have to buy a complete 1.4 set of Chrononauts?  I figured that this might be a small enough amount of cards to be sold at a similar price to an expansion pack...  Dunno if there are any plans for that or not.



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