Anyone have giant pyramid templates / instructions these days?

Just hoping to come across some (preferably simplistic to make) giant pyramid instructions, if anyone has some.  I work at a campground and was thinking this might make a good craft activity for the kids and of course once they are made they could be used to play games as well.

Anybody made some recently?  Got any suggestions?  My current best thought was to try blowing up the DIY pyramids sheets from boardgamegeek and maybe cutting out of some 24-pack soda boxes or something like that.

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I'm actually building some today. I calculated the sizes of the pyramids, and then cut out triangular templates to tessellate out to make the pyramids.

I do have a fFile somewhere. I'll have to look fFor the pdf. In fFact, I might have posted it on this fForum some time in the past. I'll look around.

fFound it!

My giant pyramid PDF template is laid out and uploaded there.  It was made with 4 colors of 5 trees.  If you want some other colors you might want to edit the fFile to get, say, 10 colors of 3 trees.  The fFirst page is just a simple comparison of each size and shape, so you can craft your own thing entirely new with those proportions.

Oh, and I should mention, these are slightly larger than the Cardboard pyramids which The Looneys made some years back.  If you have some of those and some of these, they might not be very compatible.

Thanks for sharing.  How do you go about printing these at their proper size?

When I made my set, I had access to a large fFormat printer at a sign shop. I printed the pdf fFull size, 4'x8', and adhered them to sheets of corrugated plastic. Then I cut them out, and used a mile of duct tape to hold them together.

If you don't have access to a sign shop, somewhere like kinkos will do the job.i suggest shopping around to get a good price.

Alternately, you might be able to print the page on a transparency and project the image with backlighting across the room. The exact scaling might be tricky, but it is a cost effective solution.
What I like most about my method, by the way, is that they are waterproof and nearly indestructible.

At the moment I'm thinking I might attempt something along the lines of making some kind of stencil sheet and then using that to mark up whatever material from there.  I might have to stitch it together across a few sheets of paper or something, but once I've done it one time I can make more from there.

Has anyone ever tried doing something with thick, rigid foam mats (like those used for flooring in gyms/garages)?

Seems like a pattern for the sides could be made which allowed them to interlock and, as such, be disassemblable for transport. Might also be able to find the Rainbow colors already molded as RGBY, with no need to paint or dye?

Drawback might be that they are not thick enough to properly stack (i.e., mediums and smals would sit so low on top of large and medium that you'd have a very small fringe).

My problem is getting the raw materials. I need at least 75 square feet of cardboard, foam mats, or whatever. See calculation.

Suppose I want a 3house. I need:
* 15 larges, which means 60 8x14.5 triangles, 24.2 square feet
* 15 mediums, which means 60 6x11 triangles, 13.75 square feet
* 15 smalls, which means 60 4x8 triangles, 6.67 square feet
Total: 44.6
This seems a little low. Not sure what people use to stabilize the cardboard version. I should be able to spray paint these, and black is low priority. Please check my math.
The 75 comes from things like scraps, stabilization, and the possibility of just failing.

I have four monochrome stashes of the giant pyramids Looney Labs once sold. They were already painted when I got them. I once made a small pyramid cut out of a cardboard box using one of the existing smalls as a template. Once folded into the shape of a pyramid, it's self-supporting without adhesive, so you can unfold and refold it at will. The way a pyramid folds is not like the way a box folds, so you need a pretty sizable box to make even a small pyramid as one piece. Therefore, my desire to have a 5th stash has been on the back burner for quite some time.

Unfolded, they look much like the templates Scott posted, except there is a 5th panel. The innermost panel has a tab on the side, and each of the other panels has a huge tab on the bottom that folds up under when the pyramid is pyramid-shaped. The first (innermost) panel overlaps with the fifth panel and the inner tab overlaps somewhat with the fourth panel. The bottom tabs hold together the overlapping parts, which allows it to stay in shape. The tabs go up about half-way into the inside of the pyramid.

I have some scrap cardboard that's not quite big enough, and I have a vague notion that I could make something that is two pieces taped together and folded. They need to be the same size as what I have, so that limits my options somewhat. And, of course, it would require that I make time for a crafting project.

Sadly for me, I do not have such templates.

I keep thinking that I could use one of the box folds to line up with one of the folds between the triangles. But with a near 30° turn each time, that may be unfeasible without a very large box and a lot of wasted cardboard.



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