I know that I am am WAY late for the 22 Other Games Discussion. But I wanted to throw out, that I am planning to post an updated rules-set for Armada (Armada 2K) to address the issues that people have had with the initial rules. Most of the solutions had already been included in the original as advanced/optional/alternate rules on the page, but I would rather have a posting that starts with the more enjoyable and balanced set of rules.

However, I have also noticed that the icehousegames.org wiki hasn't had any activity for quite some time, and seems to be throwing some ugly errors on the pages. Are there any new standard places for posting games, or is that still the de-facto location?

(Thanks Daniel, & David for nominating Armada. And even Russ for pointing out the imbalances in the original base game.)

In a related topic... darn, I didn't get a chance to suggest IceSickle as one of the "22 others". :)

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Attached is my current copy of the rules for Armada 2K. I do need to add a "Thanks" section in there, and probably tweak/fix some stuff.


A subtle change, but I think it does balance things very nicely! Nice work on this :)

People have just sort of been posting games here and there, some on their own websites. It kind of messed things up as far as having a central place and has probably been part of the reason that we haven't had community Ice Awards in the last few years. 

Personally, I have minor updates to some of the games I designed that I haven't been able to post (nothing earth shattering there). There are a few new designers who have kept us up to date on things through this forum.



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