When I first got Back to the future my friends and I wanted to have a marathon of all 3 movies and while playing we came up with a very fun house rule.


Lets say you have an artifact on the table in front of you and that artifact plays on the screen while you are watching the movie. You get to draw and extra card and play an extra card.


Example: You have the "Fax from the Future" that has the "You're fired" on the table and you are watching Back to the Future 2 and the scene comes on that has marty getting fired because he sent Needles his code or at the end of the movie when Jenifer pulls out the not and it disapears. You get to draw 1 extra card and play one extra card.


We did not think that it would come up all that often but it actually ended up happening 4 times during out marathon evening of games and movies. It is a pretty liberal rule and up to interpretation but it was a lot of fun.


Let me know what you think :-D

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This is great fun!  While Andy was developing this game, we had the movies playing pretty much all the time around the house, and I've seen this kind of overlap happen specifically with that same "You're fired" scene, but I didn't get a bonus card when it happened!  LOL
It was a ton of fun, we actually played last night with the movies on in the background and tried a little bit of a different rule. Instead of draw one play one we go to flip a lynch pin. I think that doing this actually worked out a little better.
This is so fun! I love it!
There was 4 of us and we watched them all over the course of an evening and played 7 or 8 games if I remember correctly. A time lapse video would be awesome!!!!
Awesome house rule!

I think the idea is great, but I guess I'm a purist.  I'd rather either play the game or watch the flicks.  It may have something to do with the fact that we use BTTF to introduce newbies to the time travel card games.  (They tend to be more familiar with BTTF than with actual historic events!)



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