My brother has discovered a completely overpowered strategy in Batman Fluxx. He gets the Batarang keeper, which allows you to top-deck a card from the discard pile by putting the Batarang back into your hand from the table. Then he gets all of the surprises. Then he uses those surprises to stop anyone from doing anything that would harm his position. When his turn comes, he picks up the Batarang before he draws and puts the surprise he played onto the draw pile. Then he draws, getting his surprise back. Because he can block anything that would benefit his opponent, this puts him in a position of absolute, unbreakable dominance.

The question here: Is it legal for him to use Batarang before drawing? It makes the card far too powerful, but the Batarang says it can be used "Once during your turn" without any restrictions. Can you use free actions before drawing, or does drawing your cards denote the start of your turn? Likewise, if a multiple draw rule was in effect, could he use Batarang between draws?

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"A good rule of thumb for any game is that if you find that you have several possible interpretations of a rule, the one that breaks the game is probably NOT the correct way to play." -

I am quite sure that you cannot take actions in between draws, as the draws are supposed to happen simultaneously. Given that pre-draw actions would break the game as you said, I would rule that you need to draw first (unless Meta Rule: Quota Style Turn Order is in effect).

That said, I wonder what happens if you have some Goal that requires it to be your turn: do you have to draw (potentially risking a Creeper)?

I disagree with Draw5PlayAll about pre-draw or between-draw actions... There's actually a FAQ answer for Batarang:

And the one linked on that page as well, about using "on your turn" abilities:

A similar question about the Shotgun in Zombie Fluxx:

So, yes, it's legal to use it before you draw, but only once during your turn. I would argue this means he could NOT use this ability multiple times in a use ability-draw it-play it-use ability cycle, since you'd be using that same ability twice during your turn. BUT, according to another ruling, you have to draw up to the current draw rule before playing cards:

This does bring up the question of legality of using free actions BETWEEN draws... But I tend to treat each draw as separate but add up to a total number rather than an all-at-once thing, due to the nature of Draw rules. (If you play a higher Draw rule than currently in play, you then add to your total draws for the turn, rather than not being able to draw more since your "draw" has passed.) Thus, I'd conclude that free actions can be done between draws as well. Someone official, please correct me if this is wrong.

Now, to the original point: Your brother's strategy is definitely a strong one. I find it interesting that he's able to pull this off consistently enough that it's an issue in a game of Fluxx, and that he gets ALL of the surprises. Surely there are strategies to prevent him getting into this situation to begin with, and surely he doesn't have enough Surprises at one time to stop multiple actions on your part? Does anyone else have any ideas about this powerful combo?



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