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Just wondering what Tarot deck would you recommend for Gnostica or Zarcana?  I know where I can get the stickers to add, but I would really like to make the best possible gaming experience.  I'm also asking this question on BGG.  If you would add where I can get the deck, Amazon, B&N, etc., it would be very appreciated.

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Any of dozens (hundreds?) of published tarot decks with the correct suits and major arcana should work fine, so it's basically a subjective matter of taste, i.e. which one has art you like the most!

(FWIW I'm a fan of the classic/traditional Rider-Waite, though I don't currently own that version, alas.)

It's not a tarot deck, but I was happy with this set of custom-designed cards for Gnostica: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/gnostica

If you want the best gaming experience for Zarcana, then use this deck explicitly made for Zarcana (by me):


All rules on every card... no stickers needed.


That looks great for Zarcana!  Wonderful art!  I'm going to get some more ink tomorrow!

I wholly endorse Ryan Hackel's deck, and prefer it to any other.

The non-tarot deck is the perfect deck to play with. Not only are all of the rules on each card, if you are playing with people that refuse to touch a tarot deck, they will usually play with this one without objecting. (It's a bit of a problem here in scenic Utah.)

Would you recommend a Rider-Waite deck?  Crowly-Thoth?

The Crowly-Thoth deck changes several major arcana cards.  This makes it somewhat less ideal, since the rules use a more traditional approach to card names.

I believe the games were designed using the Rider-Waite deck, but I'm not sure on that.  In theory, any tarot deck will work, as long as it has the standard major and minor arcana.

Ryder-Waite is the default tarot, these days. Just a hunch, but I would avoid the newer "art" or heavily-themed decks, such as the Dali' deck or "Tarot of the Foxes" or whatever, because they would be hard to correlate with the rules. I'm not terribly familiar with Gnostica, but one of the older tarot, i.e. the Marseilles, might be better (or worse?) for play. The Marseilles includes the major arcana in images similar to the Ryder-Waite, but the miner arcana are presented with images similar to conventional playing cards. http://www.tarotlore.com/marseille-tarot-cards/

I got "The Tarot Box" at Barnes & Noble and like it because the cards (Caselli tarot) are pretty close to Rider-Waite, and smaller so the playing surface doesn't grow as fast.  




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