The first time I played Cthulhu Fluxx with the Hastur card I immediately saw the potential for strategy and have settled on using the word "Turn" most times I have the opportunity to play it.

What words have you used, and to what effect?

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"Doom" is also good.  Someone once used the word, "the" and that was interesting.  When playing with my kids I like to use the word "Dad."

I've used "The" to great effect. Highly recommended!

You sir, are evil.  Just saying...

Yes you have.

and yes, it IS evil...

and cruel...

But, oh so much fun.  :)

Interesting, we have used Turn to great effect as well.  Rule is also a good one.  I think Drink is a nice choice, because you don't think of saying it all the time.

I do sort of wonder what happens if you use the word Win.  If you do win the game, and announce it, do you instead immediately not Win?  I think yeah, that's how it works.  Because you would only choose the the word win to spite someone announcing their win.  Evil.  =)

I would say that's what would happen.  So instead of saying "I win", say "I won", or "I'm the winner", "I meet the Goal", etc.

“THIS GAME IS MINE.”  (preferably in a Vadery or BrianBlessedish sort of voice)

No, the win occurs before "I win" is spoken.  My opinion.

The word "win" would depend on when you said it.

If you said it after you (or someone else) played the card that let you win, then it would have no effect.  The game ends (with you as the winner) as soon as you meet the Goal.  You are not required to announce it, so announcing your win would come after you've actually won.  As a practical matter, someone has to call attention to the victory conditions so everyone knows to stop playing, but I've played many games where someone said, "You win!" and that ended the game just as surely as someone saying, "I win."

If you announce your win (with the forbidden word) before or during the play of the winning card, I think you'd have a problem.  In those cases (before, during), I think you'd get the Creeper before you completed your win, so you wouldn't actually win.

By the way, I was in a game where we played with the word "Draw" as the forbidden word.

I agree with Jeff's more thorough analysis.  I was responding off the cuff and didn't think it through as much. :)

Oh I completely agree with the mechanics described, certainly.  No doubt.

But the idea of announcing your win and immediately losing seems pretty fFunny to me.

And, to a certain extent, this seems to touch on a lingering conversation about when your turn ends.  Does your turn end immediately after you play your last card, OR does your turn end when the next player plays their fFirst card?  In games where you have a "It's My Turn" marker (such as the awesome challenge coins), you can easily say your turn is not yet over so long as you have the turn marker.  If it is your turn still, then you have not won.

This is entirely academic of course.

I think, if I were playing a game, and Hastur's word was "Win," and I just won and then dumbly said the word, and then someone called me out as not winning ... I think I would not argue and would keep playing.

Maybe I'm suggesting a very obscure house rule, but I think it seems more fFun to lose if you announce your win.  Which reminds me of Andy's fFunny tumblr post on the subject of announcing your win.

We've used the words "Card"....thats the worst word so far for us. "draw" was pretty bad too :)



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