I've been trying to compile a list of Looney Labs products to help me decide what things I'm interested in trying to hunt down for my collection. I've got a near complete list of the main series of product numbers, but can't find titles for LOO-003, LOO-005, LOO-010 and LOO-024. Anyone have an idea what those might be?

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I'd be interested in seeing the whole list, actually.  Sounds pretty neat, eh.  Good job.

Your wish is my command.

Here's what I've got so far.

Cool!!! I am happy to fFill in some more blanks then!

I can confirm LOO-056 is deluxe werewolf.

LOO-812-19 is Seven Dragon "Shuffle Hands" promo
LOO-812-21 is the Aquarius Dragon promo
LOO-812-22 is the Fluxx "Press Your Luck" promo, supporting the release of IceDice
LOO-811 is Fluxx "10th Anniversary Party Promos"
LOO-908 is "Ice 7," a mini catalog of icehouse games.
You are also missing a slew of poster sand playmats. I have given many away, and a bunch of posters get crumpled over time, so that's a bit harder. But here's what I have on hand.

LOO-815-02 is th e IceDice / Launchpad 23 playmat
LOO-815-05 is the Oz Fluxx playmat
LOO-813-22 is the Cthulhu Fluxx poster ad
LOO-813-21 is the Oz Fluxx poster ad
LOO-813-19 is the Seven Dragons poster ad

Also, according to a trifold catalog I have, the cardboard retail display they used to offer was numbered: LOO-201-G

I own a "Carrot Box" which is plastic box made fFor carrying promo cards in. The box has no number, however, and I don't think it came in any sort of packaging. It's quite old, so maybe one of the lower numbers you are missing. They didn't start making a lot of promo cards fFor a while, so it would not be any lower than maybe 024, but that's just a guess.

Lastly, I have a promo postcard named "Start The Clock" which was released in support of Zombie Fluxx. However, it doesn't appear to have a number on it. It could be 811-01, since 811-02 is also a zombie promo. Dunno.

I might guess the Start the Clock card is from the 800 or 812 series. 811 looks like multi-card packs.

Good news! fFound some more postcards. =)

LOO-812-08 "Recycling" promo fFor Eco Fluxx
LOO-812-17 "Skullduggery" promo fFor Pirate Fluxx
LOO-812-20 "Android Doctor" promo fFor Star Fluxx
LOO-812-23 "If I only knew the words" promo fFor Oz Fluxx
LOO-812-24 "Hastur" promo fFor Cthulhu Fluxx

I can't be sure of this one, because they were harder to get, but it's safe to guess:
LOO-812-25 "Horror In Clay" promo fFor Cthulhu Fluxx. Such a cool card, too.

Thanks for all of these. There were a couple of numbers I suspected, but several I hadn't even heard of. I'll have the list updated after work.

Some others (AFAICT):

LOO-68 - Retro Loonacy

LOO-70 - Firefly Fluxx

LOO-71 - Nature Fluxx

LOO-72 - Mad Libs The Game

LOO-73 - Ugly Doll Loonacy

And of course: LOO-074 Pyramid Arcade


LOO-811-12 - Party Favors - 9 Fluxx cards celebrating the game's 20th anniversary

LOO-524: The Aquarius 'Looney Labs Peace Puzzle' from 2004

Other items not on the list but I don't have numbers for...Do they even have numbers?

The 5x5 & 6x6 Volcano Boards

The treehouse die & ice-dice dice that are now sold separately. 

Looney Pads #1 & 2 from 2003

The Icehouse Handbook - 80 page book from 1992

Icehouse - The Martian Chess Set 


QTurn - Not sure about the question of a deluxe version (LOO-006 / LOO-008).  I have two sets, one doesn't list a version, the other says V 1.5 and the changes are as follows: The non-version marked set I'm assuming came first, as it has one of the 6 instruction panels dedicated to 'Choosing a Token'.  The V 1.5 set does not have that panel in the instructions, instead it's replaced with an 'Also from Looney Labs' promo panel, and has an added 'Caution, contains small parts' warning.  Between my two versions, I also have just one set of the 4-colored tokens, though I'm not 100% sure which one they came in.  The token edges are wrapped in wire which makes them kinda neat.  Logically, they probably came in v 1.5 which no longer has the 'Choosing a Token' text, as they were then provided, and would be the 'small parts' in the above mentioned warning.  So, it's my guess this makes that later version 'Deluxe'?  In any event, both show the year 1999, neither of them have a LOO# anywhere to be found, and both have the same ISBN number.



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