Can anyone help clarify somethings about these two games.


Martian Backgammon:

I don't understand the entry point concept.  Another person online
asked it best.

"I'm reading the rules for Martian Backgammon and I'm a bit confused
about one point. When your pieces get moved to the re-entry point does
it simply cap the one that's there? Are you required to move the
topmost piece off first?

Lastly, the re-entry point shares a space with one of the opponent's
stockpile. Does this mean that your opponents have to move their
pieces out of the re-entry point before you can fill your stockpile?
Or do they just get stacked on your last stockpile?"


Does anything happen to the enzyme once it's power is used.  Say you
have a three piece red enzyme and you use it.  What then?  Does it
stay in your enzyme area ready to use again?  If so, does that mean
you have to enzyme swap pieces in order to use other similar sized


Thanks in advance!

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Martian Backgammon: The entry point is the farthest end of the opponent's stockpile. There should only be a nest there when your opponent is working on their last nest. By that point in the endgame, there should be nothing new coming in the entry points. If this ever comes up, just cap what's there.


Zagami: Using the enzyme does not change the enzyme, at least by my read of the rules (It's #2 on my Have You Never Played Icehouse List). If you have a 2 piece red enzyme and eat reds over two turns, each eaten red becoming a new enzyme, then you could keep using the 2 piece red.

Thank you very much.



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