Can I use a Surprise's "Out of turn" action if I play it during my turn?

In BGG threads I've seen some mentions that supposedly I can play a Surprise during my turn but use the "Out of turn" action. Is this actually true?

The language on the card says:

This card can be played at any time, for one of the functions described below, or to cancel a Surprise...

So it's quite clear I can play it at any time to cancel a Surprise.

And it's quite clear I can play it at any time for one of the functions described below, but in that case it appears there are 2 different cases, and we would see which case applies, and apply that case ("Out of turn" or "During your turn")... so I was rather surprised to read that supposedly you can choose the "Out of turn" function during your turn.

Is there any official ruling/clarification on this? Thanks!

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i am 100% sure you cannot play the out-of-turn portion when it is your turn..

however, you can use the surprise's out-of-turn as a reaction to someone's action.

i have read somewhere here, Andrew said something about canceling a surprise w/ a surprise is considered meta-out-of-turn.

but to make it slightly more official, take a look at this..

go to page 2, 5th question from the bottom..

the excerpt from that is: "In general, you can't use the out-of-turn portion of a Surprise during your turn..."

i think that's official enough, since it comes from one of the rule sheet.

Aha, thanks for the useful info from Oz Fluxx rules about Surprises!

It might be a bit clearer to say "As a Play" (or "As an Action") rather than "During your turn".



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