So, another Target exclusive Fluxx game. No problem with that.

My question is, will it have the same SKU # as Target Fluxx and Monster Fluxx? Meaning that stores won't put it on sale until those other ones are sold out?

Kind of irrelevant at this point, since there's not even a release date yet, right? I'm just wanting to know if it will be simpler for me to just order it from the LL store when it eventually gets there, as opposed to multiple trips to Target...



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Is this a separate product from  Regular Show Fluxx?  They've already mentioned that Regular Show Fluxx is going to be released on the 25th of July at a price of $20 and it'll have a launch kit for retailers costing $12.

Ah... I'm half hoping that the Looneys put the game up on the web store so that their international fans can pick up a game.  Might not happen, but one can hope.

I'm sure they will eventually. I saw Monster Fluxx there recently, and it was another Target exclusive.

They added in Monster Fluxx because, at the time, everyone was complaining that they either couldn't find it at their local Target store or, like me, live internationally and don't have a Target store anywhere nearby.

I'm glad they did add in Monster Fluxx, though, as I had cards from the Christmas freebies I couldn't use and I wanted to get my hands on a couple of copies, so I'm grateful to the Looneys for doing that.

I will most likely, as in the past, provide some ability to exchange a copy of these fFor something deemed of similar value.  This worked out well fFor me last time: i got a bunch of cookies, a couple little card games i probably wouldn't have otherwise purchased, and, yes, some shiny rocks!

Thank you again for offering this exchange service last time, Scott! 

Unfortunately, I tried taking Scott up on his offer for Monster Fluxx, but for one reason or another, never heard back.  Ended up getting 2 copies from the web store.

Oh!  That was you, back then!  I'm sorry we weren't able to connect before.  I sent a fFriend request to you on here, which is the fFirst step of being able to talk directly and make fFurther plans.  Here's the link, way back then, of when we chatted.  I'd be delighted to give it another go.  =)

Mind you, at the moment I don't have any copies to sell or trade.  And it may prove easier to get them fFrom Looney Labs directly.  But we can continue to sort it out.

I might need to take you up on that, Scott.  It seems that the Target website won't ship internationally.

Cross your toes...  CN Fluxx will hopefully go up for sale at next month so everyone will have a chance to buy it without trying to find it in a physical Target store.  We don't have a specific launch date, Target just doesn't work that way...   but it should be showing up in stores sometime (hopefully) in August.  If we can't get it to go up for sale at we will sell it in our online store, but we are hopeful it is going up on their web site this time! 

> but it should be showing up in stores sometime (hopefully) in August

Will Target actually let you (Looney Labs) know when your product has been received at their central warehouse and is being distributed out to stores?  Or do you just have to find out on your own (i.e., spot it yourself or be told by someone who spotted it)?

I guess I'm just saying that for Monster Fluxx I haunted (pun intended) several Targets in my area, regularly, with no luck until getting lucky and spotting it in a Target that's in another part of town (so I almost never go in that one).  I don't want to go through all of that again, so I'm hoping this forum will let everyone know whenever CN Fluxx starts appearing in Target stores around the country.



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