So, another Target exclusive Fluxx game. No problem with that.

My question is, will it have the same SKU # as Target Fluxx and Monster Fluxx? Meaning that stores won't put it on sale until those other ones are sold out?

Kind of irrelevant at this point, since there's not even a release date yet, right? I'm just wanting to know if it will be simpler for me to just order it from the LL store when it eventually gets there, as opposed to multiple trips to Target...



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Spotted a few at my local Target but didn't grab one. I'll try again tomorrow.

Spotted in the wild!


My son really wants me grab CN Fluxx. I was successful at grabbing three copies of Monster Fluxx.  I would be willing to trade for a copy of CN Fluxx or arrange a PayPal purchase.  Please contact me on BGG.  My handle is bryan1650t.  I'm really liking these Fluxx games.  My next goal is to give Chrononauts a shot.  My kids ages 9 and 7 are avid Pokemon players, and they are catching on to these games well. 

I think you will enjoy Chrononauts, I love it and the first time we played my wife snuck up from bwhind and beat me....asking me questions about the rules the whole time then all innocent asking if the goal was to match the timeline on your ID and saying "Oh well then...I win". Sneaky. But I have also still had no luck locating CN Fluxx. I am going to expand my search this week. Its odd because the Closest target where we do all of our shopping has been Fluxxless for weeks now and the peg has been removed and replaced with some different version of Uno.

Another update from west Texas, the closest target to me on the west side of El Paso, stil does not have either the game or the peg for the game. The target second closest to me in central El Paso at Bassett place has the peg but still no game.

Found a fully stocked peg of CN Fluxx in Superior, WI while on vacation.  Couldn't help but buy three copies!  One for me to be a permanent fixture/replacement copy in my game collection, one for the kids to play with-- they love it, we've been playing it daily for a week now-- and one for potential gift or trade on BGG. 

I also purchased Chrononauts plus expansions on a recent Amazon order to get free shipping; I hope we will enjoy that one too!

Keep Fluxxing,



Doing better than me! My two targets don't have any fluxx at all, at the moment. I'll keep looking tho.
So my local target now had a fully stocked peg AND CN Fluxx is now on the target webstore.

It is true - CN Fluxx is now available at

this link will let you order online AND can tell you if it is in stock at a Target store near you for pick up! 



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