I made this game just about over 2 years ago. But I just found out an joined the forum recently.

"Cat, Rat, Flea!" works great with the new Pyramid Arcade coming out with it's three sets of trios in every colour.

It's a two-player chess-type. Everyone who's played my cardboard prototype have liked it. For t t you who already own pyramid collections, please playtest the rules I've posted!




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Looks interesting.

Question: "the player who owns the bottom piece must quickly move that piece to an adjacent and preferably empty space."

Does that mean the adjacent space MUST be empty? Or that you must go to an empty space if possible, otherwise you can go to a non-empty space? If the space is non-empty, is the scurrying piece still laid down horizontally, or does it go on top of the piece(s) in the occupied space?

Typo: "When this happens the piece lays down in it's space" - should be "its".

Good question. The first part: yes, empty if possible.

The last part I wrote for that section is for the rare off chance no empty spaces are available. In most cases if the space is occupied, that piece will then have to in turn scurry or be eaten. Exception is if a Cat scurries on to a Flea, which will become trapped "underneath" even though the Cat will be lying down.

Thank you for pointing out the typo.



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