So obviously the original chessboard bandana is sadly no longer with us - has anyone found a suitable substitute? I spent a while this afternoon looking for fabric chess sets with little success. To add to the problem, I'm in the UK so the potential supplier list is smaller. I even had to import all my pyramid stashes directly to get round the EU safety test issue.

Failing the convenient materialisation of a perfect match, has anybody tried getting fabric custom printed? I spent a couple of hours today producing my version of a Martian chessboard, and am considering getting it printed on a bandana or napkin myself. They claim to be able to reproduce photos in print so I can't imagine my Martian and Lunar textures would be too difficult

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there is one still available at the Danger Room in Anderson, IN that i saw just last week.....

Postage to the UK might be a bit problematic, though...

The idea of printing my own has kinda grown on me given the amount of work that's gone into the board so far. I want to actually see it in print!

I'd be willing to buy the bandana for the 8 dollars and fill out the customs forms to ship it to you if you would be alright with paying the shipping and handling which I found sending via united states postal to the uk is about 11 dollars

Cool chessboard. Did you get it printed yet?

Not as yet - I took the textures from this board, added a yellow venusian surface as the third colour and photoshopped them onto Ee0r's chess wedges - they look pretty cool and allow for 3-player matches.

I'd still like to try this but paper and card is much cheaper than custom photo printing onto fabric - as it's larger than A3 width I can't even buy a sheet of printable fabric, I'd need to buy it from a fabric printing outfit directly. I suppose I could look into iron-on transfers and a plain white bandana at some point

I was thinking it would be pretty easy to order a blank bandana and use a very simple potato print to make squares on it with fabric paint.  Blank bandanas and fabric paint are available from

There is a project on Kickstarter that I think will totally work for this: I talked to the guy & he added a pledge for just the "board." I really hope it gets funded b/c some of the colors are super cute. Also I don't want to have to get all arts & crafty.

I'm also in the UK, and I've spoken on the forums about UK suppliers previously here:

I took a bunch of black and white fabrics several years ago, cut strips and sewed them back together, then cut those, reversed half the strips and sewed them back together.  The bottom side was kinda rough so I sewed the entire thing to a piece of fleece.  Not a bandana, but it folded up nicely and with a drawstring made a neat little pouch that folded out into a chessboard.

Can you post a picture?

I also wanted a cloth chessboard and could not get the bandana.

So I made a cloth chessboard for myself. I have made a second one as a gift. (photo at the end)

What I did was cut a lot of squares and spray some glue on the back of them. I let the glue dry for a while and then stuck them to my cloth on every white square. Then spray some black paint and hey presto cloth chessboard. Since I have an airbrush and can use it a little, I put a little more effort in to it than that ;-) 

Here are two boards I did earlier.



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