Calling all Game Techs - please help us promote our new party game!

Details on the launch kit are here:

The game goes on sale in game stores for $30 on October 18th - but registered Game Techs can get a demo copy early - you pay $25, and you get a really cool custom coin, a poster, and 20 copies of a 7 card promo card pack to give away to people you demo with. 

We have been having TONS of fun with this new game everywhere we play it - and look forward to sharing it with you guys - THANK YOU for helping us spread the word about this new game!

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Have you joined the Choose One Launch Team yet?

If yes...  please post a few words here about the game, about how easy and fun it is to teach and play. Please help us encourage other fans to sign up for the Choose One Launch Team! And then be sure you bring your copy to your TurkeyDay celebrations and share it with your family...

If not... there is still time to order a copy and bring it home to share with your family on Thanksgiving! Please help us promote this awesome new game! 

We've played Choose One at most of the recent events we've been to.

We've played with family, with friends, and as an icebreaker. We've played in groups from 4 to 10. People have heard about our adventures and have specifically asked us to bring it to future parties/game nights. It takes 1 minute to learn.  It's never the same game twice. With so many cards to choose from, it's always fresh. We've laughed so hard our stomachs hurt and we've learned amazing things about people leading to wonderful conversations, questions and thought-provoking discussions. We've seen that some people are more of an open book while others, not so much. We've wondered why the 2 choices listed were on the same card, and we've marveled at the perfect pairings on some. Perhaps the most telling thing that's happened in our Choose One Adventures is that EVERYONE wants to play again immediately. We've never played just one game. Sheesh … I wish I was playing right now.


I've played Choose One with folks aged 9 to 70-something, and everything in between, and the general consensus is that it's a HIT!  The 9-year-old actually seems to enjoy it the most, even though that's not the intended age range.  Dayle Hodge's description pretty much matches mine exactly.  I have already sold three copies of the game!

I have also found that the game can be modified in several ways:

--it's easy to turn it into a 2-player or 11+-player game if desired

--most of the cards are recognized / understood by kids as young as 9, none are inappropriate

--educationally speaking, these cards are great writing prompts for compare/contrast paragraphs

I've already got so many expansion decks running through my head that I find myself constantly jotting down notes for new card ideas.  For any demo techs who have not yet joined this launch team, DO IT!  You'll want this game, and you get it at a discount as part of the launch team.  It's the easiest of all of Looney Labs' games to teach and learn, literally taking less than five minutes.  There's even a sample demo from Kristin and Amber to show you how it's done right here.  And who can resist the cool launch team coins???  Plus, you can send all those who play with you home with their own mini-deck of seven cards so they can play with their own friends and family and get THEM hooked, too!  Easiest. Demo. Gig. Ever.  :o)

P.S.  I've written three Event Reports so far that give details of some of my demo adventures with this game.  They are here and here and here if you're interested.  :o)



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