With the debut of Star Fluxx, my mind once again turns to screwy new ways to combine aspects of the various incarnations of everybody's favourite randomest game.  Comments, criticisms, and wildly outrageous accusations welcome.


Martian Star (M-S) Fluxx -- This one looks relatively easy.  Add all the various Martian Tech keepers and related goals, rules, and actions (the ones that'll make sense) to the deck.  House rule that Martian ships can be used wherever the word "starship" appears.  Germs can infect a crew (i.e. prevent a player from winning), but the Doctor can cure them...by sacrificing himself.


Pirate Star (P-S) Fluxx -- This one seams more..."fun."  Sure you have the Captain and thus can order the Engineer & Doctor (& Robo-doctor) around, but by dint of the Captain's Hat I am the Captain (Admiral?) and can thus order you Out the Airlock (aka Walk the Plank).  Also, instead of the Flintlock "outgunning" the Cutlass, in P-S Fluxx a Laser Sword is better than a Laser Pistol when you want to steal treasure.  ("A more elegant weapon for a more elegant age...")


Zombie Pirate (Z-P) Fluxx -- Or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Franchise."  Not really sure how to pull this one off except to add two of every zombie type (wouldn't want to overdo things) to a Pirate Fluxx deck, along with other period-appropriate cards.  (Two-by-Four?: Good.  A Friend?: Good.  Car?: Bad)  Cannons, flintlocks, and swords count as weapons and can kill zombies.


Any ideas for Martian Zombie Fluxx or Zombie (Martian) Star Fluxx?

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Have you tried any of your versions? IMO, the laser pistol would trump the sword because of range.

 Since I own Zombie and just got Star, I'm trying to come up with a variation with those. Like, I see a connection between the doctor and zombies - caused by brain parasites? Could zombism be cured or would you have to take a laser sword to them?

 OR-(even better) zombie cards are attached like parasites to any brain keeper, meaning they have become zombies. Maybe they could be cured by doctor...or scientist...or the time traveller could cure them by travelling back in time and preventing them from becoming zombies?

If you have the shotgun, you can shoot any Keepers with a brain, thus getting rid of them.

 I'm surprised there's no Black Hole...




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