So I got out of tabletop gaming back in 2004 and at the time, the friends I had were mostly into d&d not much else. I just got back into table top gaming in late 2013, so I missed a lot of good stuff that is no longer produced. If anyone happens to have extra copies of proton and or Q-turn, those are just a couple of the compact games I would like to have on hand. I realize that q-turn is available as a printed PDF but I am somewhat OCD about certain things and I don't think I would last very long with printed stickers stuck to whatever tokens I could come up with to stick them to. So if you have any hit me up with some offers so I can work something into my class budget. I am really looking more for proton than anything else at this point as I like the idea of keeping it in my pocket and being able to play with no playing surface, but q-turn is also pretty high in that list.

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I think I still have a copy of Proton, I would just have to find it. When I do, I'll check this page to see if you're still looking for it.

Cool thanks. I am really interested in that one but have had 0 luck finding a copy anywhere. I have seen a few peopl;e on BGG who have their Q-Turn up for trade but none of them are looking for anything I am willing to trade, but I have not seen proton at all.

I found Proton today. Sending you a friend request so we can take the discussion private.

Still looking for a copy of Q-Turn as well. If anyone has an extra.



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