As I mentioned elsewhere on this forum last night, after looking for more than a month at 5 or 6 Target stores close to my home, my wife and I finally found Monster Fluxx in stock at a different Target that's in another part of town which we're not usually at (we were out that way for a show that a couple of friends were performing in). 

Even though we got home close to midnight, naturally we couldn't go to bed without playing the game at least once, so we did.  And after 15 minutes, my wife thought she had won.  Or did she?  She played the goal "That's No Mummy!," which pictured two keepers she owned: The Mummy and The Teenage Detectives. Except she didn't read the fine print: the goal's text at the bottom said she had to own the keepers The Tombstone and The Teenage Detective.  How confusing and contradictory.  Which pair do you actually need for this goal?

She played and laid down that goal card. And in the middle of declaring that she won, she noticed the text and interrupted herself with an "oh...wait."  She herself decided that the text had to overrule the image, even though it didn't make sense (I agreed at the time). She didn't have The Tombstone...I did; she couldn't win because we split between us the two keepers needed according to the goal's text.

On my very next turn (we had Draw 5 and Play 3 in effect at the moment) I drew cards which allowed me to win two different ways.  One of those ways to use the "Exchange Keepers" action card and take her keeper of The Teenage Detectives, to satisfy the text of the existing "That's No Mummy!" goal.  But I couldn't do that do to my wife, since that card was so darn confusing! So I used my remaining two plays that round to play a keeper and a goal that would give me the win a different way.

Therefore I'm here to ask the Looney Labs folks: for the "That's No Mummy!" goal card in Monster Fluxx, is it really supposed to be The Teenage Detectives paired with The Tombstone, or paired with The Mummy? Given that the card is called "That's No Mummy!," then it makes MUCH more sense for the goal to require The Mummy instead of The Tombstone.  Don't you agree?

In the end, it feels like this card is misprinted with either a wrong icon (The Mummy) or wrong text (The Tombstone); they of course ought to match up.  So Looney Labs might want to fix that for future printings of Monster Fluxx.  :)

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Andy publicly apologizes fFor the printing error you noticed, on the Wunderland blog:

The Tombstone is incorrect.  The Mummy is the right picture.  Your wife won, fFair and square (although her honesty is noble.)

Ah, thanks.  I wasn't aware at all of the Wunderland blog, nor of this apology about the card in question. That easily straightens things out (for people who become aware of the blog, that is!). 

I appreciate it, Scott, and I've shown it to my wife and let her know that she won.  She, our son (15) and I played a few games this afternoon and she won some and I won some (and my son would have won a round if he had played two cards in the opposite order that he and learn!).  Lots of fun was had.  And that's the ultimate goal, right?  Thanks!



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