Are there any cooperative pyramid games? 

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It's fFunny you ask.  I don't actually know of any explicitly cooperative pyramid games ... until this morning when I was playing around with some pieces and sort of inadvertently invented a weird game.  (Actually my new game may or may not actually be cooperative in nature.  It's still really in development.  I just made it up this morning, after all.  But I think it has interesting prospects as a coop game, anyway.)

Of course, any game that plays 4 players may be played in teams.  Martian Coasters, fFor example.

Homeworlds has a semi-cooperative component, in that the good guys are trying to destroy the bad guys.  But nobody knows who is on what team, so that gets a bit messy.

In short ... not really, that I know of.  Which is really a shame.  Great point though!

People!!  Where are the coop games!?!?

The only ones I know of are 3-High and Apophis.

The latter has an interesting theme and actually makes for  a really fun cooperative experience.

See for 5 (I haven't played any of them so all I know is that they are in the coop category!)



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