While looking over my Holiday Fluxx and the Fruitcake item from the Holiday gift pack that counts as a Dessert or Gift, a question came up.

There are rules or actions throughout flux that affect keepers or are based on keepers being in play on the table.  When another item has "counts as" such and such item comes into play, does it also activate the Rule or is affected by the action?

Clear the Table removes several items from play including Dessert.  The Fruitcake counts as Dessert also, so is it cleared?

There is a rule that if gift is in play, you can do something specific.  If the Fruitcake is in play that counts as the gift, is the rule activated?

I am sure if I looked hard enough, there would be other examples throughout the various Fluxx games.

My thought is that counts as means always count as for goals, rules, actions, etc.  So Fruitcake would cleared by the table and the gift rule would be active.

Thanks in advance.

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Wow, am I ever late on this one.  But I agree.  The fruitcake counts for both, and activates the gift bonus, and gets cleared. (Otherwise there is no way to remove it in the Holiday Fluxx set.

The one thing I'm unsure of is whether or not you can win with fruitcake in front of you if it fulfills the goal.

Wow, I'm really late to this too, but one thing I remember reading is that the person who has the particular card chooses what that card counts as at any given point in time. The keepers that count as something don't count as both things simultaneously - They're one of the "Counts As" things. This is because there are keepers that could win the game by themselves if they were both at the same time (The Robot GenCon 2003 promo, for example, as seen here: http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/PromoCards/outofprint.html ).

So, I think that if there's something like Clear the Table out, whoever has Fruitcake decides what happens with it. It could be cleared if the player wants to get rid of it by opting for it to count as Dessert, or keep it to spread the holiday "joy" to others by saying it counts as The Gift.

As for winning with it... It probably depends on the cards in play. Fruitcake itself says you can't win if you have it, so unless there's a goal that lets someone with either Dessert or The Gift win while they have a Creeper, or some combination of goals that allows that, you won't win with Fruitcake. A goal like Thanksgiving doesn't say anything about Creepers, so I think Fruitcake itself would prevent the win despite it counting as Dessert.

That's just my two cents, and I might be wrong, but that's how I'd play it. Hope this helps whoever comes across this in the future!

TL;DR: Perhaps I'm wrong, but it's up to the player and is one or the other. This comes from the "or" wording in "Counts as Dessert OR The Gift" (emphasis added).



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