Just picked up Cthulhu Fluxx yesterday and figured that with some of the new gameplay, there'd be a little bit of a learning curve.  However, after a few games, we pretty much got the hang of things, so the "curve" wasn't as bad as I had figured at first.


There is one question that we had that we couldn't find an answer to...  It involves the Doom and Anti-Doom.  In the instructions, Anti-Doom says "they will negate doom points when totaling up doom counts."


So, if Cthulhu (3 Doom Points) and The Cat (1 Anti-Doom) are in front of one person on the table, when totaling Doom points, would this person's total now be 2 (3 Cthulhu minus 1 Cat = 2) or does an Anti Doom wipe out all of that player's Doom Points...  Or, does anyone having any Anti-Doom on the table wipe out ALL of the Doom points for EVERY player on the table?


The way we interpreted it was, each symbol represented 1 Doom or Anti-Doom.  So, we went with the "3-1 = 2" method as described above.  But, we also noticed that none of the Anti-Doom cards had more than one symbol on them, so, in effect, you'd need 3 Anti-Doom cards in play in order to negate Cthulhu.  We also didn't think that one player having an Anti-Doom would negate a Doom for another player, but again, weren't 100% sure.


Just was curious if we were playing this the correct way, or if we were misunderstanding how Doom/Anti-Doom work when totaling Doom points.  How do others interpret and/or play this and has there been an "official" word on how it should be played?  I looked through the forum, but didn't see any as of yet.







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For purposes of Ungoals, we've been playing with the net Doom count on the table, regardless of player. That really seems to create a sufficient hazard. Things would be even worse without it.


This is not an authoritative reply.

Yeah, I understand that the net doom count is what you look at when looking to satisy ungoals.


My question really revolved around the Anti-Doom cards and how they effect the Doom count.  The only thing the manual says is that "They negate Doom points when totaling up Doom Counts."


Here's an example of what I'm asking:


Say the current Ungoal is "The Call Of Cthulhu."  That means, the game ends witout a winner if the total Doom count is 6 or more (incuding Cthulhu) and Cthulhu is in play.

You have Necronomicon (2 Doom points) and Innsmouth (2 Doom points) in play.  I have Cthulhu (3 Doom points) and The Cat (1 Anti-Doom) in play.


Combined, there would be 7 Doom points and Cthulhu in play, which satisfies the Ungoal.


My question is, with The Cat being an Anti-Doom, does this:


A:  Knock 1 Doom point off of Cthulhu (the only card with Doom on it that I have in play) meaning combined, we'd still have 6 Doom points and still satisfy the Ungoal


B:  Completely negate Cthulhu, meaning we only count your Doom points (which would be 4)


C:  Completely negate ALL Doom points on the table, basically meaning that, if anyone has an Anti-Doom on the table, no Ungoal that requires Doom points can be met.


We've been playing it as A, that one Anti-Doom negates one point of Doom.  I don't know if that's the correct way to play, though.


Another question would be is that, if the correct answer is B, does an Anti-Doom negate ALL of a player's Doom points in play, or can it just negate one card.  So, if I had The Cat, Cthulhu and Innsmouth, does The cat negate all 5 of my Doom points, or does it only negate all of the Doom points on one, meaning I'd have to essentially choose which one to negate...?


I understand how the Doom points are totaled when seeing if an Ungoal is met, I'm just really wondering how the Anti-Doom cards effect the count when they are in play.  Hopefully, this all makes sense.



I am (reasonably) certain that The Cat will negate only 1 point of doom, putting the total at 6. 

There's a very nice youtube vid fFor Cthulhu Fluxx, here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL0LdLTKtxc but it doesn't seem to clarify the matter any more, either.

I mean, you're basically asking fFor an explicit statement that says "Anti-doom negates exactly one point of doom" or something, right?  I'm not Andy Looney, but I am just about 99% sure that this is the intention here.

My evidence in fFavor of this is:

  • The point system as points, and not simply as a count of individual cards
  • Anti-Doom points are not things you can cancel out by attaching directly to a specific card
  • Seven Doom Points would be very hard to achieve if you could pick which Doomed card it negates.
  • Seven Doom Points would be much much harder to get to if Anti-Doom cancelled out all doom!  Almost entirely unlikely, I think.

I don't have my copy at hand at the moment, but I'm certain you are making it way too complicated.  Just add all the Doom points in play, and subtract the Anti-Doom points in play for your current total.  

For Anti-Doom, the rules sheet says, "This icon is used to label items with a calming effect on the forces of Doom.  As such, they negate Doom Points when totaling up Doom Counts."

- If it negated all the Doom, there would be no "totaling up Doom Counts," it would just negate all Doom.

- If it negated all Doom on a card, it would reference a card and not "Doom Points."

The only interpretation that makes sense is that one Anti-Doom icon negates one Doom Point.

Net = Total Doom icons minus Total Anti-Doom icons

I've been playing it that one anti-doom count negates one doom count, the way you've been playing (option A).

On a side note, during a game with the "draw 2 + doom count" rule in effect, I had no doom and an anti-doom, so effectively I had a doom count of -1, and therefore could draw only 1 card.  I'm awaiting a game where this rule is in effect and someone has -3 doom count, in which case they would get to draw -1.  (Discard a card before playing?)

I don't think that the Anti-Doom works that way...  I'm pretty sure that you have to have Doom points to cancel out for the Anti-Doom to really do anything.


Kinda like how on the "Trash Something" card, if nobody has any keepers or creepers, nothing happems by playing it.  If you don't have any Doom Points to negate, Anti-Doom isn't a factor.


Then again, I'm not 100% sure on this and it could be an interesting way to play, if you so desired.





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