Anyone know of an online vendor for custom mousepads? I want to get some 5.5" (measured from corner to corner diagonally) or 4"x4" edge measured mousepads done up with the Martian coasters designs and colors as well as a launchpad 23 board done on a mousepad. I have seen these done before and I love how flexible and easy to pack they are but not as easily blown away in a breeze as a sheet of paper or piece of cloth. I have been toying with the Idea of getting Martian coasters printed up for a while now and recently started thinking about it again when I was trying to find something to sit my launchpad 23 board under to flatten it back out after it had been riding in my cargo pocket for a few hours getting bent every which way. I have only come across mass production sites that would require me to buy an order of 300+ of each design. I am not trying to stock the entire looney labs fan club here...just trying to test out some new mediums for durable pack ready boards for some of my favorite pyramids games, so if anyone knows of a company that does custom printing on mousepad material I would love to hear about it. I really want to give this a try without having spend hundreds of dollars on a company sized order of something that may not even work out the way I plan for it to.

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So I finally spoke with someone at one of these printing companies. I don't have high hopes for them going along with my plans though. It seemed like it was the right place to try for my little 4x4 mousepads idea but since one of the questions she wanted to know was how many of each design I wanted done up "in the first order", I foresee them being another bulk order only type deal. I am not giving up though, I will find somewhere to get a more survival kit/hiker friendly set of Martian coasters/launchpad 23 printed up so I can test then out.

Have you tried Inked Playmats? I don't know if they do any that small, but they make good stuff, allow for customization and are usually pretty fast. And I've never seen them require a big batch order.

I will have to check them out. I was talking with I think their prices are insane. They wanted $500 for one mouspad of each of the 4 main Martian Coaster colors. There is no way I am going to pay $125 per mouspad for a little 4x4 square of fabric so I am back to looking for a vendor. I will try this one you linked next. I already sent them an email asking if they can do 4x4 sizes. I love martian coasters and really hope I can find someone to do the mouspad version of the coasters for an easily packed and carried version to go into my emergency kit.

Have you thought of doing a 9x8 sized one with all four colors in the four corners and then cutting them apart?

Ooo, that's a good idea too.
I may have to look into that as well. I honestly had not thought about that at all, mostly because I was also looking into the idea of getting some other small boards done up as well. But either way, an update here on inked playmats, they got back to me with a price list, anything smaller than an order of 10 at that size would be $53 each and the price obviously decreases the higher the bulk order number goes to a certain point. I may keep them in the reserve and get the mousepads for all the boards I want done by them if I find myself with extra expendable income laying around.
Ok so I have to make another update, inked playmats contacted me back to clarify. Because 4x4 is a new size they are charging a one time fee if $50 then it is $3 per board and any additional orders will not incur the $50 charge. So I will probably go with them at this point. I just need to try to find a good high quality picture of the coaster art to send them to have a batch made up and give them a play test/storage test
Have you tried just a local print shop? I have a buddy at one that had offered in the past to do work like this fire a different game.

The only local print shop I know of is Kinkos lol. 

Yeah, they're probably not going to be super helpful, but you could try. Believe it or not, I've had good luck at Office Max, however in not sure if they do mouse pads. Worth a try.

I will have to try Office Depot....closest Office Max is like 70 miles away. Way too far to drive in a Gas Guzzling tank of a vehicle.

I'm sure that works. I can hardly tell the difference between an Office Max, Depot or Staples anyways.



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