Anyone know of an online vendor for custom mousepads? I want to get some 5.5" (measured from corner to corner diagonally) or 4"x4" edge measured mousepads done up with the Martian coasters designs and colors as well as a launchpad 23 board done on a mousepad. I have seen these done before and I love how flexible and easy to pack they are but not as easily blown away in a breeze as a sheet of paper or piece of cloth. I have been toying with the Idea of getting Martian coasters printed up for a while now and recently started thinking about it again when I was trying to find something to sit my launchpad 23 board under to flatten it back out after it had been riding in my cargo pocket for a few hours getting bent every which way. I have only come across mass production sites that would require me to buy an order of 300+ of each design. I am not trying to stock the entire looney labs fan club here...just trying to test out some new mediums for durable pack ready boards for some of my favorite pyramids games, so if anyone knows of a company that does custom printing on mousepad material I would love to hear about it. I really want to give this a try without having spend hundreds of dollars on a company sized order of something that may not even work out the way I plan for it to.

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I actually think they are owned by the same parent corp...I used Office Max website to double check and they showed me where the nearest Office Depot was.

Next Question...does anyone have a good high quality picture of each individual coaster? My scanner is being a POS and all my scans come out blurry which just wont do...There is a PDF version of the Launchpad23 game board so that's easily accessible to get a durable travel version made. The Martian Coasters though....I haven't seen any pictures of the individual coaster designs themselves to provide to the print shop for getting my rollable,foldable, non breaking, non bendy travel coasters....might even end up ordering two sets since my demo coasters get a beating getting lugged back and forth between cons and game stores and friends nice if this plan works out to have a set of coasters that won't get bent, banged or battered being hauled all over the place.

The Rules PDF at has images of the coasters at the bottom.

Direct link to the PDF:

Nice...I never noticed that before..I guess maybe I just never scrolled all the way down, or I never looked at the online rules just the mini pack rules that come with the coasters...either way, thanks for the help and once I guet these things printed I will let you guys know how the portable coasters work out for me on my next hike/campingtrip.

Well Thanks to the helpful hint from Mr. Wolfe here I have the Art work for the 4 primary coasters. I couldn't find a good picture of the black coaster so I had to deal with a slightly blurred picture of the actual coaster rather than a drawing. We will see how they fair in a few weeks when I send them to inked playmats to get my 4x4 fabric and rubber mats made up, if I don'f find that Office Depot will do them cheaper.

I'm out of town right now, but if you can wait until maybe Tuesday I can throw one of the cleaner ones in photoshop to get you nice black one.

Yeah sure. I wont be placing any orders for 2 weeks to a month or maybe a little longer depending on how my school funding looks, I am just working out the finer details at the moment so when the time comes I will have everything together. I did send the pictures I had off to Inked playmats already, not as a model for the order but as a general idea of the colors and designs in case that will change the pricing at all. Once I get to the point where everything is ready and I have the extra funds put aside to make a test order I will send them the actual Art to be used, i.e. the nice clean photos, and send them the $68 for the initial order. and if they work out nicely I will find out from them if you guys can order them directly from them if you too want a travel set of coasters that can be folded and moldered without bending or breaking and if not I can order them for you guys since after the initial order it will be $3 each board rather than $50 + $3 for each board. Just not sure if that is any orders or just orders I make, so I will get clarification on that so that anyone else here that wants a travel set of coasters can get them as well whether with me as the middle man or by providing a link or something.



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