Hello out there!

I was just wondering how people stored their cards for when they're on the go. I've been trying to find a nice sturdy case that I can just toss in my backpack and not worry about the cards falling out/getting crushed or bent/ or getting wet if it starts to rain out.

I walk a lot and love taking my cards with me everywhere so any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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I would be interested in an answer to this too.  Currently, I get thriftstore recipe boxes (LOTS of cards!) to carry decks representing different proprietary games.  I imagine for normal-people collections, the box would still work if one enclosed rule-sets or gamepieces.
http://www.cpforbes.net/tuckbox/tuckbox.cgi <--- you can use this generator to create a custom tuck box for or you could use the ultra pro deck boxs or deck vaults here --->http://www.ultrapro.com/index.php?cPath=33_83_53&osCsid=1509219...

Well, there are some options:

The white generic card boxes from almost any CCG store ( here is an online store, the page for 800 ct box http://www.coolstuffinc.com/main_supplies.php?fpid=Acc-BCWCS802&... ).


For my Muchkin collection (ever base set, expansion, most promos, etc) I have two plastic 2000 card boxes called Jammers (part #5325-05) from the Plano Molding Company www.planomolding.com (I can get these at Target no problem but can't find them on the Plano website).

Thanks everyone for the replies, very helpful!

Let me just say this: If you have enough Looney games with two-part boxes (I think seven?), then you can arrange them back-to-front in a six-pack cooler and they should stay closed. The Lab even sells one with their logo on it. That's what I use.

Also, I love The Regular Show too!

I bought a clear, frosted photo storage box from Paperchase a few years ago. It can just barely hold two Looney Labs tuckboxed games. I just checked their website, but I couldn't find it listed. It has a white button on the front to snap shut, but no other moving parts, so it's pretty durable. It was a lot like this item, but larger.

Oh, did a little more searching - here it is. Looks like it's sold out, or possibly discontinued. You could always check Amazon or eBay...

Another option you might investigate, if you want to keep your stuff in their existing boxes, but also pack them inside a sturdy container, are snap-shut boxes by Sterilite. You might have to trim some "fins" (for lack of a better term) from the inside of the lid, but otherwise they're really great. I have one that I can keep 4 Looney tuckboxes in at a time, and there's room between the boxes for probably a stash of pyramids, a few bags of dice, or some "standard playing card"-sized decks in between them.

I have so many Fluxx versions now that I make use of the large card boxes that you can get at any local game shop.

I laminate all my cards-I play alot at camp and my first deck got ruined-from the dew, getting caught in the rain, and spills.  They don't fit in a box, so I have an empty plastic bucket with a lid that I keep all my decks in-each deck is rubberbanded together.  We get to choose which version we want to play and can have several games going at once.

A friend of mine (Marcus Green, he's a member here and probably won't mind being directly referenced [and if you do, sorry about that Marcus]) uses a tackle box. I have a soft case designed to carry D&D minis, so it's well padded with walls thick enough to make rain and dew no worry.

I've found a singularly awesome card storage solution: whiskey boxes.

You can find a brand which has a clear, plexi lid and a metal latching mechanism, and it's PERFECT dimensions, and you can use rule books or Blanxx or whatever to show what's in the box through the lid.

The all-wood boxes with sliding lids work well, too; and they can be painted or stickered to show contents.

Plus, you get to drink the whiskey! (Unless you hit up a bartender friend to collect them for you, which is what I did.)



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