I note that, unlike in the most recent version of Aquarius, Seven Dragons has no diagonally divided cards.  Was this intentional or merely an oversight?  I'd enjoy adding another 20 possible combinations (all 2[4!] of them) to my deck.

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Diagonals were eliminated because they just didn't look good. Larry's paintings worked fine when I was cutting various rectangular shapes out of them, but triangular subsections always came out looking strange. So I changed the 10 diagonal cards to 10 cards with 3 dragons each.

I don't really miss them,myself.  It adds some more difference between 7Dragons and Aquarius.

I never really bothered about 7 Dragons because I assumed it was the same as Aquarius.

Thanks for giving me a reason to buy it anyway :-)

You'd be surprised with 7 Dragons Mike. I thought the same as you before I bought it but I like dragons so I got it anyway. There are plenty of differences between the games. Aside from the obvious difference with the Silver dragon, I think the biggest and best change is that there is no longer a "Shuffle Goals" card which makes the game significantly less random and more strategic. There's also a couple of other rules tweaks that improve the game but overall I highly recommend 7 Dragons even if you have Aquarius.

With the dragon promo card, Aquarius is a lot like 7 Dragons.  Slightly different cards, but … very similar.  I consider the two games to be similar to the million editions of Fluxx.  They're all Fluxx, but you get to choose your favorite theme.

My preference for Aquarius is two-fold: First, with the dragon promo card, have more portability as you can play at least three games with one deck of cards.  (A couple of pyramid games it seems…)  Second, the stereotypically hippie-inspired artwork is very kid-friendly and the game comes with rules adaptations for younger players.

In my day job, I teach emergency preparedness.  The difference between "doomsday preppers" and the rest of us is perspective: In the real world, when stuff happens you tend to have lots of people under stress with not a whole lot to do.  That leads to a lot of anxious worry for adults and teens, and to fear in children.  The best solution is to have something to do!

Games are something, and Aquarius is a very compact game once taken out of its box.



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