Draft of a clean and easy template for community game rules

Greetings Starship Captains!

In anticipation for the new wave of fan-made pyramid games, I have drafted up a nicer looking version of my 2 column rule sheets I recently started uploading to BGG (after sitting on them for far too long; so sorry!). The goal was to come up with something that:

(A) Looked nice and mimicked the style in the Pyramid Arcade rulebook

(B) Was relatively clean, compact, and easy to use (not many people could use the old, very nice IceSheets since it required software that could edit PDFs)

(C) Included rule writing / formatting tips for new game designers

You can download the first draft here: Draft_Pyramid_Rules_Arcade_Template.pdf

Please let me know what you think! Once I have gotten some feedback, I will produce .docx and .odt versions that should work in most word processors. I could use the most feedback on the actual rule writing advice bits since most of what I included I learned from reading other rulebooks and reformatting other Pyramid games.

[note: I made a similar post over on the Starship Captains Facebook group but figured I should also post here since some people might more active on one site or the other]

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Nifty. Now I'm imagining some plain text LaTeX source files... :)

Ooo, once briefly experimented with LaTex for writing scientific papers but I never bothered to migrate over and learn all the tricks. Probably would not be to hard to format for the hardcore academics-turned-game-designers out there.



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