Alright, I'm really hoping to settle a heated discussion between my girlfriend and me. We often play Star Fluxx as a two person game and have always come to an agreement until this situation occurred. Please help!

Our active rules were Draw 1 and Play 2.

I drew and then played "Draw 2 and Use 'Em."

I put my hand down and drew two cards: Hand Limit 1 and Brain Transference.

I played Hand Limit 1 first. My girlfriend discarded her hand to one card.

Then I played Brain Transference. Brain Transference says "your turn ends immediately." Draw 2 and Use 'em says "this card, and all cards played because of it, count as one play".

The question is: does Draw 2 and Use 'Em (all cards count as one play) trump Brain Transference (your turn ends immediately) or vice versa?

Please bring peace and love back to our nerdy, debating household....

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I would play it as resolve the complete action and then end your turn.  Brain Transference would end the turn before the second play but after D2&UE. Also, I would give the hand limit selection to the person moving to your spot.

I'm in agreement with Austin. That word "immediately" is hard for me to get past.

I think the "Draw 2 and Use 'Em (all cards count as one play)" is just to clarify that you can play the single card D2&UE with Play 1 in effect (i.e., someone cannot argue that playing the D2&UE card ends your Play 1 and thereby nullifies the impending 'sub-turn' during which you execute the 'sub-rules' of Draw 2 / Play 2).

That said... in your example, I would have played BT first, to keep hand size up, unless I had a one-card win on lock. Meaning, yes, that "ends immediately" effect even prevents the play of the HL1 during the D2&PE sub-turn!



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