So, I recently snagged a copy of EcoFluxx v2.0 from eBay, and there's a discrepancy between the cards in the box and the cards listed on ...

The card list shows Trash A Keeper, but what I have is Trash Something. I assume it's because the newer card (Trash Something) is in there for the Creepers in v2.0 when 1st Edition didn't have them, but the card list doesn't reflect that. (The card I have has the EcoFluxx stripe on it, it's the older style border, and that card wasn't in 1st Edition, so I assume it's a card list discrepancy...) Also, There's no Hand Limit 0 like the original EcoFluxx, but there's Hand Limits 3 and 4 instead...  Are these card list issues, or issues somehow with the deck I bought?

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Your deck is fine, it's the list that is incorrect.



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