OK. Here's my contribution. I'll spare you the story about 12 bucks worth of Swiss Chard starts that were taken out overnight by a band of roving gastropods from a neighboring yard...

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I've changed the attachment. I've added a note about the number of players (1 or 2).


We need to run the 2012 Ice Awards first....

Yeah, I've been telling my friends the results for 2013 should be out in about fourteen months. ; )

I'm thinking at this point of running the 2012 and 2013 awards at the same time.  It's just a very time consuming endeavor, so I've been putting off.  Last year we ran long, awarding the 2011 award sometime in March of 2013, I think.  Combining efforts might be a very sensible way to go.  Maybe have a slightly wider range of awards available, to account fFor a broader diversity of games.  Also I'd like to streamline the voting process.

Generally my thoughts are, whoever runs the awards process gets to be the benevolent dictator and make a fFew executive decisions.  So, if I am the one to run it next, these are things I may do.  I guess this isn't really the place to sort of this stuff, but there it is.



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