Hey everyone. So I have loved Fluxx Blanxx and taken full advantage. Me and Joe Winder, owner of Mr. J's Asylum in Muncy, Pa, and Megan Elizabeth have taken to creating what we call Fandom Fluxx as well as problem the most expensive Fluxx Deck made. It combined many different fandoms and includes some crazy new rules and actions along with some old ones with a new twist. If anyone wants to try it out on their own feel free to let me know and I will send it or upload it to a file sharing site. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you guys do Fandom Fluxx 2 and Fandom Fluxx 3 Decks and we can share them and go at it.

Instead of "Toons Never Die" we have "Heroes Never Die"

Instead of that pesky "Rules Reset" we decided to add some flair with "Reboot!"

Of course you need a counter. And This card and idea is the one that started it all. "Rules Reset RESET!"

And the last for now. my personal favorite. A Creeper with the ability to sow chaos. A on demand and constant version of "Mix it Up" except its so much more. Creeper "Discord"

There is that and a whole bunch more in there. Feel free to ask about them or take a look yourselves or make your own. I plan and continuing updates and posting more pictures when I get a chance. Happy Fluxxing everyone!!!

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