Hello guys, 

I've played Cthulhu Fluxx for awhile, but still wonder if I've got it right.

1/ Federal Agents: During my turn, I can discard that keeper along with one creep of my choice. So what if my Federal Agents got trashed by an action, for instance, would I be able to drag one of any creeper in front of me along to the discard pile ?

Thanks in advance

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If the federal agents are trashed then you wouldn't be able to use their ability. My understanding is that the action that trashes them resolves before they could do anything unless you have a surprise to counter the action. I could be wrong so I defer to someone else to correct me if I'm wrong.

What Thomas said.  In this case, one thing happens before another.  Now, if you personally trashed the keeper dureing your turn fFor some reason, you could probably choose to instead use the agents' power fFirst.  But you would not get a two-fer-one on this.



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