Looney Labs' post on Facebook yesterday shows that there will be TWO promo cards for Firefly Fluxx:

A Creeper called The Alliance, only available at local retailers who sell Fluxx products.  And a Keeper called Alliance Treasure, which can only be gotten as an insert into Game Trade Magazine issue 193; here's the cover art to that issue (I've never seen a magazine called that, sold locally in my city, so I am probably out of luck).

If you're like me and bought the Firefly Fluxx through the 2016 Spring Release Launch Kit, it did NOT include these promo cards (which I think is weird, considering that last year's "2015 Summer Release Fan Kit" with Batman Fluxx and Adventure Time Fluxx included the promo cards for those games, but not Firefly? Huh!).  

The promo cards for Firefly Fluxx are NOT yet for sale in the Looney Labs webstore (I just checked under "Promo Cards & Expansion Packs"), so I guess there's no easy way for me to get these between now and then.  :( 

Here's what these look like:

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By the way, Amazon.com is now listing Firefly Fluxx, but you have to pay $26.99 (including $5 shipping, since this is a 3rd-party seller) for it.

There's a comic and MtG shop about a mile from my office that carries Game Trade Magazine. The owner said he never orders it; the distributor just throws some in with his shipments. So I guess check with your local independent comic shops.

There's a comic and MtG shop about a mile from my office

Oh, I wish that this was my situation. 

In my city (23rd largest in the USA, so not exactly a small town) there are 3 comic book shops of note, and 1 "FLGS" of note. All are 20 to 30 minutes away from me, on days when there is ideal "no traffic" situations. One of them is actually a tad closer...maybe 15-20 minutes away, and near a great Bar-B-Que joint I love. But I never go into that comic book shop, because they're in a posh suburb and cater more toward the "collectibles" part of their business...you're likely to find more Funko Pop! Vinyl figures in there than anything else, and their comics are only the newest ones just out; no back-catalog stuff.  No card gaming in there at all (M:tG or otherwise), and they'd rather sell you something like this ($190) (actual photo from their website!) than help you get an old issue of Justice League. Or a new one, for that matter.

The one that's farthest away from me might be more likely to carry something like that, but then again if I wanted to make that trip it's a matter of spending money not just on the magazine (which I would discard after getting the card out of it, so $3.99 for just a promo card, plus the gas and time involved).  Or I could just buy the issue online, but now we're talking $3.99 for the magazine and another $3.99 for the shipping, so $7.98 for a promo card.  Yikes. 

Sooner or later Looney Labs will offer it for $1 in their online store, so I can get it for only $5 ($1 for the card, and $4 for the shipping). Not much better, but I can order other promo cards I don't own yet at the same time, and parlay the $4 cost of shipping among several items at once.  Best choice, it seems. 

I guess it just depends on how badly you want to own it, and whether you "gotta have it now" or are willing to wait.  I suppose there are more important things in life than a Fluxx promo card or two (hey...I'm going into the hospital on Monday for an all-day-long invasive diagnostic medical procedure, so let's keep promo cards in perspective! <grin>), and if it ends up I don't get them at all for some reason...oh, well. <shrug> 

But yeah, I'd LIKE to have them.  But it's not worth a willy-nilly search all over town for them.  MAYBE if I called or tweeted them and nicely asked, "hey...do you have a copy of Game Trade Magazine issue #193 in stock?" they would bother to answer, and maybe bother to hold a copy for me.  That's about the best I could hope for.

Called the FLGS, which I figured was the best bet for getting this locally (after all, it's where I got "Mrs. Clause" along with Holiday Fluxx).  "It's on-the-way," but they won't have the Firefly Fluxx in stock for another week-and-a-half...and won't know if they get the promo card until they open the box on the shipment with the actual game inventory.  Game Trade Magazine?  "We don't carry that." 

Accept me as a friend and message me please.

If you find away to get them let me know please no where in my town has them
The comic shop I mentioned previously did have a few copies of GTM193 on Friday. If anyone is really desperate, I can see if they still have any (probably yes) and send them at cost.



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