What advice to my fellow game techs have for newbies here? I am getting Fluxx TBG as a demo copy and am planning on taking it with me to different game nights around town ( along with a few other games, including my worn Fluxx copy ) and I am used to promoting games to a small degree amongst people I know well.

However, I am looking for tips on getting more people into Fluxx TBG, are there lots of things that come with the kit that help with that? Besides the bag of swag that I ordered that I am going to use as prizes or similar ( I also have a ton of smaller things from Looney Labs to give away ) Or is it better not to have prizes at first?

This is my first time with this sort of thing, so advice is awesome, thanks!

Also, a question for someone who has played FTBG since PAX East 2012, what has changed since then? I played about... 8 I think, games with Andrew and a few friends later and some fellow gamers, and it was super fun! But I wanted to know how far along in production it was then.

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I think my best advice would be to know the game you're demoing inside and out. You will never be able to know every question people will ask, but if you can field most of them without referencing anything, it will help immensely. One, it lets people know that the game isn't insanely complicated, because you can remember the rules. Two, it lets people know that the game is worth knowing because you know the rules. And, finally, it keeps the flow of the demo going. Nothing can bring a demo to a screeching halt faster than having to pause everything to look something up in the rule book. That is when it's much easier to lose people's attention, and you want to keep them attentive to the game itself. The demo should be all about the game, and the enjoyment of the game. For example, if people aren't having fun, then they won't like the game, and they won't want to check it out, or anything like it. So keep it light, and fun, and make sure you know what's going on. That would be my best advice for first time demoers. Once you're a bit more seasoned, then you can really start to spice things up, based on how you like to do things. 

As for prizes, they're great to use, but I always try to make sure that the goal of the demo for people isn't necessarily the prize, but instead the experience with the game. Game first, and prize(s) are just a happy afterthought, rather than people only playing the demo for the purposes of prizes. But, again, that really comes down to trying things and figuring out how you want to do it.

For most of my events, I haven't had prizes other than promo cards which I give every player who already has or is planning to pick up fluxx. Since I have some artistic talent, I have used fluxx blanx and made some 'custom' cards as a tournament prize which went over well.

My biggest asset has been my fiance. He knows the games as well as me, and oftentimes we will start a game with each other and ham it up a little since that gets peoples attention and gets them in on the fun. Plus it sets a really fun and excited tone to start off the event with which always keeps things lighthearted and inviting.

If you are doing your event at a game store or convention, familiarize yourself with which looney labs games are available, where, and how much. Many times I get asked where something is and if I can easilly tell them where they can find it, it gets them buying it sooner (no risk of them forgetting the name of the game and helps encourage impulse buys) and it gives me good relationships with the FLGS since I'm helping their sales. Plus those people will then play with their friends who will often go to the same FLGS and everyone ends up happy :)



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