Hello my fellow Game Technicians. I like many of you just got my demo copy of Fluxx the board game and could not wait to play it. 

First impressions, I LOVE IT!!!!! It is a total blast, feels very similar to Fluxx the card game but different enough to be something completely new.

I love the tile based board and the move tile mechanics that are similar to Martian Coasters. I love the fact that its not generally a really long game but playing 5 - 6 back to back games does feel overwhelming or subject to burn out. 

The rules peg board is an awesome mechanic but is also the only negative thing about the game that I can see. It is frustrating that the pegs are longer than the cardboard is deep so what happens is someone will move a beg to a different space and press down and other pegs will pop out:-( This is something that will be pretty easy to fix by either making a "bumper" ring around the base of rules boards to elevate the center of the board or by putting a few layers of cardboard on the bottom and drilling the holes deeper.

What have others experiences been?

Thanks for another fantastic game!!!!!!

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Agreed. The pegboard was our only issue too. Love the game and that there IS a pegboard, but having it level would be great!!

I agree. This was our only issue as well, although I loved how they just snapped into place. I am going to put a thin layer of craft foam under mine to see how that helps. In the past, I have seen cardboard like this slip around on bare tables, so the foam would help this as well (if it happens to be an issue).

What are the differences between the demo copy and he real Fluxx: The Board Game?

No difference at all, except for a sticker on the box that says 'Demo Copy'

And maybe a quiet suggestion that you promote the game, play it in public, that sort of thing.  Perhaps buy another copy fFor yourself or someone else, sometime.  This subtle moral obligation, in exchange fFor a nice discount on the purchase of the game.  It is, after all, a demo copy, like the sticker says.

That's not really what you asked, but there it is.



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