Yes, yes, Esperanto is still going - in fact it's going from strength to strength and has more speakers than ever!

In case you've never heard of it, it's a "constructed language" that was originally aimed to help further world peace by letting people communicate with each other more easily. Well of course that lofty goal hasn't been achieved yet, but there's still a fairly sizeable community of people who speak the language, basically because it's just a fun language to speak in. Every year there's several big meetings of Esperanto speakers, and of course we like to play games!

Fluxx is a great game for these sort of events, apart from the small problem that it's in English. There are actually been several unofficial translations of the game that have popped up at Esperanto events from time to time. I've had a stab at creating one, though it's more of a themed version of Fluxx that happens to be in Esperanto rather than a direct translation. We've playtested it a few times and it seems to work pretty well. I've attached a copy in case anyone here's interested in seeing what I've come up with. :)

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Cool, I'd been thinking about making an Esperanto Fluxx deck. So you have already printed a deck with these? Are you going to JES in Gdańsk and bringing your deck? :)

PS: Mi rimarkas, ke vi jam posedas la esperantan insignon kaj membriĝis la esperantan gildon ĉe BGG, hura! :)

Yeah, I've already made up a deck - I used the method of gluing paper onto playing cards and sleeving them. It turned out pretty well - obviously it looks nothing like a professional deck, and it's fairly obvious that they're not a single piece of cardstock, but it's the best I could manage with my artistic ability (or lack of it).

Bedaŭrinde mi ne povas ĉeesti JESon ĉi-jare - sed se vi volas vi tute rajtas printi propran kopion por ludi tie! :)

Ni lastminute presis hodiaŭ kaj laborege distranĉas kaj surgluas sur kartojn... espereble iu ludos kun ni en JES, por ke la laboro ne estu vana. :)

Bonege! Mi esperas ke vi ĝuos - kaj ja bonvenigos viajn opiniojn kaj proponojn pri kiel ni povas plibonigi ĝin. :)

Ni ludis 6 fojojn dum JES! (Inkluzive kun Neil.) La novaj kartoj pri Esperanto sukcese amuzis homojn. Do mi ĝojas, ke ni presis kaj kunportis ilin. Dankon pro la PDF!


We played 6 times during JES! (Including with Neil.) The new cards about Esperanto successfully amused people. So I'm glad we printed them and took them. Thanks for the PDF!

Interesting stuff here!  I noticed some goals that are new.  "I S" i see is "beer no sun"?  I like the sentiment, to be sure.  What's that all about?  I S?  And what is "Akvobatalo?"  Water army?

OK, here's a list of all the references to Esperanto culture and a brief explanation of them...

Esperanto - fairly obvious what this one means ;P The picture is one of the symbols of the language.
Krokodilo - crocodile. Talking in your national language when Esperanto would be more appropriate is called "crocodiling" (no I don't know why!).

I S (beer, no sun) - one of the main Esperanto events; the name Internacia Seminario means "International Seminar" but it's basically a big week-long new year's party. Lots of drinking and very little in the way of a daytime programme...
Akvobatalo! (water, war) - water fight; a traditional part of an event called IJS that happens in Hungary every year
Diversaj Lingvoj (Esperanto, crocodile) - different languages; see above for the meaning of the crocodile in this context!
Gufujo (tea, moon) - a place at Esperanto events where people drink tea during the night, as an alternative to the bar (a "gufujo" is literally an "owl box")
Kongreso (Esperanto, beer) - a congress; an Esperanto meeting - despite the formal name, many people just drink and speak Esperanto for a week...
La Fina Venko (Esperanto, peace) - literally the "final victory", the idea that when everyone in the world speaks Esperanto there'll be world peace (no, most of us don't believe that will actually happen!)
Trinkejo (beer, wine) - a bar
Zamenhof - Okulisto (eye, money) - I was kinda stretching it here, but I had no better ideas... the guy who came up with Esperanto was Dr Zamenhof, who was an eye doctor - ie, he made money through eyes

"Ne Krokodilu" - noone can win if the crocodile is on the table. It's a slightly rude (but unfortunately common) was of asking people not to speak in their native language when there are Esperanto speakers nearby.

The rest of the cards are translations of English Fluxx cards.

Looks like I'm not the only one who translates games... ;)

I took a somewhat different approach though. I translated the original variant (Basic Fluxx, version 4.0), but did not alter it. Other versions or variants appear somewhere in my planning, but without a specific deadline. These will be unaltered translations as well. I make my documents in such a way that I can have them printed on sturdier paper, and I use MtG sleeves to protect them. That solution suits me fine.

I did create an Esperanto-specific variant with only Esperanto Keepers, Goals, Creepers, 1 Ungoal, and a few specific Rules. It was fun to create this variant! One picture of this set can be found at:



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