It looks like we've got 3 new decks coming out for Fluxx this year: Regular Show deck in July, then in August is the Target exclusive Cartoon Network deck, then in October is the Holiday Fluxx deck as another general release.

Is there anything currently else in-the-works?  When I first became a fan of Fluxx, I saw - and still see - that the WikiPedia entry for Fluxx mentions a "Wild West Fluxx" version in development; whatever happened to that?  Soooo many possibilities there!

My main worry about the new decks coming out is that I've never caught Regular Show, nor has anyone else in my home, nor - to my knowledge - has any of the friends I play Fluxx with.  I have every other Fluxx deck made, but I don't know if I'll keep that "completeness" up now since it would practically be a waste of money.  Why would any of us play a deck themed around a TV show we never watch? The general CN one, with characters from a bunch of shows (including ones my friends and I have all watched) is a cinch, but the other?  I dunno.

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Is the item even on Target's website?  If I look up "Fluxx," it just comes up with Star Fluxx (which I've never seen at a store), and never the regular Fluxx or Monster Fluxx that I know Target carries. 

If you can find it at their site, please post a direct link!



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