Going on a couples cruise next week. I decided to bring a few games to spend some time with them while shipboard. Fluxx was first on my list. 

What other portable games would you bring aboard a Cruise Ship?

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I sometimes take some pyramid stashes and a chessboard bandana on a trip; that permits a variety of games. (At a recent  weeklong New Year's event, I played Volcano and a bunch of Zendo with various people, for instance.)

(Non-Looney-wise, we always take along our portable Shogi set these days.) :)

7 Dragons is a staple in my game bags.  Quick to learn, engaging concept, and beautiful art.

And I've been playing Just Desserts a lot lately, and loving it more every time.  On a big luxury cruise where Desserts are always aplenty, and you spend a lot of time with an odd assortment of characters, Just Desserts seems like the natural choice.

Personally, I would also bring a bunch of pyramids to play things like Volcano and Pikemen, and the pyramids would look just wonderful in that warm ocean sun.

Sorry, I sound like I'm some sort of sell-sheet, don't I.  But those are good choices and I stand by them.  =)



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