I've just finished watching the video review;


And my first reaction is WOW. I really believe you may have pulled it off and made a game that will play like the Fluxx we already know and love.

So, now a question, I'm not averse to buying from the US, but UK import duties can be a bit of a killer, and we've yet to see any info other than 'available in store 26th June'. Does this mean US only or are we fans in Europe also going to be able to get hold of the game?

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Actually, it's July 26th, not June...  but we will be shipping a pallet of board games to Esdevium, our UK distributor - so you should find it in any stores in Europe that carry Fluxx, and any store that doesn't can get it for you...  just ask! 

Thanks Kristin for the speedy response. I meant July of course, just a slight disconnect between brain and fingers at times when I'm typing.

I'm at the UKGamesExpo next weekend so I'll ask around there and see if I can find a UK supplier. Thanks.

I've fired off an email to Esdevium (thanks for letting me know who to contact) asking for details and suppliers but haven't yet received a reply.

I also noticed that my local game shop have hosted Esdevium events in the past, so will be making contact with them to make sure they get the game in stock if they can.

Wow, that is an awesome looking game!!  I was wondering how it played out.  What a really cool idea!

OK, I'm officially 'gutted'. Despite ordering the demo set on the day of the announcement, it was only despatched from the warehouse on the 18th July, so typically it's not arrived on the day of release, or indeed the day after. I'm still awaiting notification from the Post Office that they have it. And when they do it'll take another day at least as they won't deliver it until the import duties and charges are paid. Eight days is simply not long enough to expect a delivery to get to a customer in the UK. There were people in the US posting that they already had the game, before mine was despatched.

Please, in future bear in mind that it takes longer for international orders than domestic and prioritize accordingly. I've now got to call in to my local friendly gamestore and buy another copy of the game for tomorrow nights demo game (that's how sure I'd been that it would be despatched in time). I know it's not a lot of money, but it's still money I thought I'd already budget for.

Hi there,

I'm sorry you weren't able to get your game in time. We do our best to have international launch kit orders ship in time for them to arrive pre-release date but ultimately we can't ship until the games are ready and with the production of our first board game things took a bit longer than we expected along the way. We also moved warehouses at the same time - I say this just to let you know we weren't sitting on the games.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you are enjoying the board game! We'll do our best to ship the launch kits a bit earlier for the next release so you won't have this problem.


10th September, and my delivery has just arrived. The delay was partly due to Post Office 'issues' in the US and a three day hold-up by the UK postal service whilst it cleared customs and awaited my payment, prior to releasing for delivery.

To anyone else considering buying from Looney Labs direct I say go for it. You'll get fantastic service, and if something should go wrong there really isn't a friendlier company to deal with.

Thanks to all concerned with my order, it may have taken a while, but it's a fantastic bundle of fun for family/friends or even strangers that look over your shoulder as you're playing. :)

I just got this in, and whipped up a rather quick and (I think) nice-looking solution to the "pegboard problem", using a punchout card frame from the set itself. I took pictures as I went, and cobbled it together into and Instructable for anyone else who may like the idea.


Great hack, thanks for taking the time to let the rest of us know.

It's a shame that this part of the scoring system wasn't a little better designed, but this should sort it out.

My own idea/solution, going forward is to mount mine on a block of wood, after first marking and pre-drilling over-size holes to suit the peg positions. If I was a better carpenter than I am, I'd perhaps consider rebating the block first so that the card could 'drop in'.

Thanks and you're welcome! I'd love to see your wood block solution, since it's bound to look a lot more "top shelf". (One of the reasons I used cellotape instead of rubber cement is that I wanted to be able to undo the mod if another idea surfaced.)

Well, I finally got frustrated enough to do something about the peg board. I had to laminate three pieces of wood that I had left over from a DIY job and then carefully marked each hole on the peg board before drilling out each hole 'over-sized' and then pinning the card over the top.

I chose to use a fairly robust 'chunk' of wood, as it simply feels more substantial, but I also made sure that I could still fit the whole into the original box between plays.



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