I have a couple of questions about the Fluxx: The Board Game Launch Kit.

1) Is there a coin like there has been for the past few Fluxx releases?

2) Any way to order this through the store to help save on shipping costs?

Thank you!

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Also, any way to have it shipped to Canada?

Will we get the swag bag if we get the demo kit through our game distributor?

I'm writing here because I forgot to write in the comment box about how I'm going to promote the game, which for me will be bringing it along everywhere I go like I do my purple bag of games(filled with Looney Labs Games). I plan to initially play it at my local game store "Titan Games" on its monday board game night and hope to get them hooked and will give out promos as often as possible.

OMG ... what's in that swag bag that's making it so heavy? I just checked and the postage would be $55.00.

This must be really heavy swag :-D

Obviously a brick.

Seriously, though, it looks like several Fluxx decks (including Spanish-wonder if the German or Dutch versions are in there?), several Treehouse dice, promo cards, Pink Hijinx, the newer coaster game, the 'Empty City' novel, and more stuff I can't identify.

I ordered my kit on the 31st and I'm super excited to have a game night and to try it out when it comes in!  I was just wondering... I saw somewhere that not everyone would be able to grab a swag bag... When will we know if we get this?  (Other than when everything shows up at our door?)

Hello everyone!  These kits started shipping TODAY - so watch your mailbox for a box from us!


1) No, there is no coin in this kit.  the turn token function isn't really needed for this game, and the coin adds a huge expense to the kit - so we didn't do one for the launch of this game.

2) Your local store can buy a demo copy from their distributor, but it doesn't come with the swag bag, that's only with the demo team kits that ship from us directly.  So if you want to ask your store to order you a demo, so you can demo it for them in the store, go for it!  But you won't get the swag bag...  sorry.


Yes, you can order from the secret game tech store and pick shipment to Canada. The postage is more expensive, but not nearly as expensive as it is to ship overseas! 


Sorry, no, the swag bag is a gift for our game techs. As a store owner who is ALSO a demo team member, you can order a demo team copy that comes with the swag bag, but you need to order it from us directly.

Mike: yeah... it's got a bunch of heavy games and such in it...  sorry the postage is so expensive overseas - but it really costs that much to ship! 


All orders in hand will get the swag bag - watch your mailbox, it should ship out today or tomorrow! 

I just ordered mine, since I got to talk with my FLGS about running events, and we're both excited about seeing Fluxx The Board Game on the tables!

Never actually considered becoming a Game Tech before, although we bring our "Looney Labs kit" to most of our church functions.  (We've even been known to have a side game of Fluxx going at our monthly Pinochle Nights!)  The swag bag might help round out our supplies.  Hoping to have that switch flipped soon so I can order the FBG (and get the swag) to demo at our church picnic early next month!

Sweet! Can't wait for mine to ship! Got permission from FLGS to demo, leave materials/cards (if it comes with anything like what Cthulu came with). Fun!



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