I got my demo kit today!!! I'm reviewing the rules and mechanics to be ready to explain things when I demo the game (first demo is likely to be a week from Sunday), and I had a couple rules questions:

1. Is rotating/uprooting a tile (assuming that rotate/uproot is "on") a Move, a Play, or a free thing you can do once per turn on addition to Moves and Plays?
2. Can you Move back onto the Start tile? If so, how does that interact with the bumping rules?
3. Can you uproot the Start tile?

I may have more after our first play through, but this looks really fun!


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1. Under the description for each special move it states uses one move. Rotate is one move, uproot would be another move.

2. Under the section titled Exiting the start tile the rules say "pieces can move (or be bumped) back onto the start tile"

3. I don't see anything saying you cant move start tile.

1) Rotating a tile costs 1 move. Uprooting a tile also costs 1 move. Rotating and Moving a tile at once costs 2 moves.

2) Yes, you can move back onto the Start tile, and you can be bumped there.

3) No, you can't move the Start tile.

Thanks for playing!

-- Andy

I have a question about the end of the game:  If claiming a game-winning goal from the goal stack reveals another goal which is already met on the board, does that get claimed as well before determining whether the game is over?

No. The active player wins before the next goal is eligible for claiming.

Two other questions that I forgot to include:

2. If wraparound is enabled, does that also work for bumping?

3. I suppose "You must make all of the moves you can" allows for the possibility that someone's pieces can't move at all.

2) Yes, bumping can wraparound if wraparound is on.

3) I think it's very rare for someone to be unable to move at least one of their 3 pieces.



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