Ok, first of all hello and thanks for letting me join you guys!  I am new to this fan club, but am very excited!  I love this game.  I have a few requests from you all.  First order of business:

Is is Fluxxes or Fluxxi?

Kind of a joke but I am a little serious.  Second does anyone have a suggestion on any of the other games these fine people have brought us?  I've Played Zombie, Star, CN, Stoner, Oz, Monty, Cthulhu.  That's it.  No other games by LL.

And thirdly, but definitely not least, what have your guys' rules been when you get a blank booster pack?  By that I mean rules, goals, actions, ect.  And is there surprises in the blank booster?

***Spoiler Alert***

Off topic, I was a little disappointed to find out that CN Fluxx does not have any Creepers!  Why is that?  They definitely have the characters for it.  Also that there is no Adventure Time Fluxx by itself.  That'd be awesome.

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Looney Pyramids. Hands down the best part of Looney Labs. Check out the rules section on this website, and then it should also have a link to the online wiki with rules for literally hundreds of games played with some of the most amazing pieces in existence. 

Thanks!  I will give it a shot!

I've always preferred "Fluxxen."  :)

As for recommendations, I'd suggest Aquarius.  It has a similar feel to Dominoes, but with some Looney-esque action cards and artwork.

Regarding the Creepers I believe that the decision was to exclude them for the sake of simplicity.  As a player of many a Fluxxen, I've found that the Creeper-less versions are easier to teach newcomers and overall more favorably received by them.

Aquarius huh?  I might try that because I am an Aquarius!! 

Fluxxen you say?  Hrmmm...It's kinda growing on me.  I'll run it by the group and see about it.  I like to think that Fluxx is a pretty flexible game in terms of how your playing buddies want to interpret it.  Of course you have your main rules but for the most part these guys know how to close up loop holes!

Thanks Fogus!

Joshua and Fogus both have provided excellent answers and suggestions - Thank you guys!

Regarding the pyramids...  look here:  http://looneypyramids.com  - I suggest you start with IceDice! 

Regarding Aquarius...  you actually have two choices - if you (or your friends/family) prefer dragons, check out Seven Dragons - it is the same game as Aquarius, but with different artwork. This is one of my all time favorite games of Andy's - it works equally with little kids as with adults and serious gamers. 

Regarding other suggestions... if you like history or time travel, check our time travel card games: ChrononautsEAC

Regarding Creepers in CN Fluxx...  yes, like Fogus speculates, we made this version for the mass market (it is a Target exclusive until next spring) to introduce Fluxx to newcomers, so we created it to be more simple and accessible to people who don't call themselves gamers.  If you want to teach Fluxx to people who don't often play games, CN is a great option!  Another great choice is the brand new version - Holiday Fluxx!  This one also does not have Creepers, although it does include a few Surprises, a new card type not found in CN Fluxx.

Thanks for playing our games!

Thanks Kristin!  I really enjoy playing your guys' games!  Thanks for all the info and help with the questions!  I look forward to all of your creativity over there at Looney Labs!



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