I was thinking about the idea of adding a new classification to the info boxes: stability. This is a measure of how much of shaking the table or being in a car would mess up the game.

I would rate them on a scale from 1 to 5.
  1. This game is so sensitive that a few table-shakes or a slant could mess it up. Examples: Verticality, CrackeD Ice
  2. This would be something that would suffer minor problems if someone shook the table on purpose. Example: IceTowers
  3. This game could probably be played in a car if the ride was somewhat smooth and you prevented the pieces from falling. Example: Twin Win, Martian Chess
  4. This would take some substantial shakes to mess up. Example: Treehouse, Petri Dish
  5. A game in this category is nearly indestructible. E.g. IceDice

What do you think of my scale? I put treehouse as 4 because it is pretty easy to remember what the pattern is and recreate it. Petri Dish assumes the board provided in Arcade; a hand-drawn board would make it a 3.
I would also like to see more games rated. Examples:
- Icehouse should get a 1.
- Powerhouse is quite secure, because you can hold your pieces tightly. I would give it a 5.
- Homeworlds has a lot of information. I give it a 2 not because of how easy it is to mess up, but how damaging a mess-up could be if it were to happen.

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Interesting...Icehouse will obviously go to 1. (hence the "crash" system)



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